SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - October 26, 2009) - Advanced Relay and Mocana today announced a technology partnership on a new line of secure telecommunications gateways designed to extend the useful life of legacy phone switches based on older networking standards, such as X.25. The pilot customer, Swisscom, has fielded the new version of Advanced Relay's Protocol Exchange Server (PXS). It is used as secure FTAM/X.25-to-SFTP/TCP/IP gateway on more than 140 Siemens EWSD and Ericsson AXE switches at Swisscom's FixNet.

Swisscom was adamant in requiring secure SFTP (also known as SSH) connections between Advanced Relay's PXS product and any data collector, to mitigate the possibilities of data tampering or eavesdropping on customer transactions. After analyzing several options, Advanced Relay selected Mocana's NanoSSH client ( because of Mocana's extremely small footprint, high performance, support for embedded platforms portability and full source code access.

NanoSSH is Mocana's super-fast, super-small SSH client/server solution with support for X509.v3 Certificate based authentication and comes with RADIUS client, specifically designed to speed product development while providing best-in-class device security services for resource-constrained environments. NanoSSH provides a holistic approach for securing networked devices and services, and is ideally suited for resource-constrained devices as well as high-traffic enterprise and federal environments where performance is critical. NanoSSH is open-standards-based, extensible, extremely small footprint, platform-agnostic and features an optional government-certified FIPS 140-2 level-1-validated crypto core and NSA Suite B cryptography. Developers can request a free trial of the NanoSSH software at

The flexibility and modularity of the NanoSSH software (and access to the source code) allowed Advanced Relay to quickly port the NanoSSH client to the PXS eCos RTOS and to make customer-specific modifications in the client/server authorization scheme. The integrated product has worked flawlessly for over a year now.

"Mocana's support during the evaluation and porting was exceptional. We highly appreciate their professionalism, support and cooperation throughout all phases of the project, including our customization. This allowed us to get the solution up and running quickly, and securely. Mocana's well-documented and compact software made our lives a lot easier," said Ulrich Richers, Director of Technical Marketing for Advanced Relay. "By terminating the FTAM/X.25 right at the switch and providing secure connections, Swisscom's CDR-File collection is much simpler and more secure today. The new installation requires far less maintenance, resulting in large cost savings, too."

Interested technologists can download a more detailed case study at

In addition to Advanced Relay, over 100 major OEM companies including Motorola, Cisco, Intel, General Electric, Honeywell and Siemens rely on Mocana software to guarantee device integrity for their products in the consumer, medical, industrial, IT and military markets. NanoSSH is part of the new 5.1 release of Mocana's Device Security Framework, the industry's most comprehensive suite of embedded security solutions for non-PC devices.

NanoSSH is available now. Embedded device developers can request free trial of the NanoSSH source code at

About Advanced Relay Corporation

Founded in 1982 Advanced Relay developed LayGO, a multiprotocol (X.25, LAPB, LAPD, BSC) toolkit targeted at integrators of WAN communication systems. Today ARC develops and markets products and solutions, such as the PXS, to exchange synchronous interfaces (RS-232/422, V.35) for Ethernet and synchronous protocols, such as X.25, LAPB, LAPD, RDIF, HDLC or BSC for TCP/IP. Higher layer file transfer protocols for telecom phone switches, such as FTAM, AFT, XFER or AMATPS are replaced with FTP or SFTP.

The company's primary markets are companies who need to incorporate legacy equipment into their IP networks: Telecom, Aviation, Transportation, Banking and Defense. In addition, Advanced Relay provides consulting services, such as software porting, customization and certification, to facilitate the integration of Advanced Relay's products into a customer's systems.

About Mocana

Mocana secures the "Internet of Things" -- the 20 billion datacom, smartgrid, federal, consumer, industrial and medical devices that connect across every sector of our economy. These devices already outnumber workstations and servers on the Internet by at least five to one, representing a $900 billion market that's growing twice as fast as the PC market. Every day, millions of people use products sold by over 100 companies that leverage Mocana's Device Integrity software, including Dell, Cisco, Honeywell, General Electric, General Dynamics, Avaya, Nortel Networks, Harris and Radvision, among others. Mocana won Frost & Sullivan's Technology Innovation of the Year award for 2008 for Device Security, and was named to the Red Herring Global 100 as one of the "top 100 privately-held technology companies in the world" in January 2009.

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