RALEIGH, NC and SALISBURY, UK--(Marketwire - October 26, 2009) - Patersons HR and Payroll Solutions, a leading global HR and payroll software and services business that can deliver expert solutions to clients in more than 160 countries, today announced details of its new expense management functionality. Available in Logon2, the company's global HR and payroll management solution, the new expense management capabilities enable employees to electronically submit expense reports and managers to approve these reports electronically, anytime, anywhere.

Available in 30 languages, Logon2 is a secure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that gives international companies the ability to manage HR and payroll from a single point, under a single contract, regardless of the number of countries, currencies or languages involved. With the addition of its new expense management functionality, Logon2 has become even more robust, allowing global companies to process one of the largest discretionary spends -- employee expenses -- from the same solution that also processes payroll and manages HR.

The first truly global application with this new functionality, Logon2 can link to travel management systems and automatically capture expense information. All taxes are integrated with Patersons International Assignment module, which processes sales taxes and value added taxes (VAT) in accordance with policies set by client tax advisors. Payments to employees are processed in the same manner as a paycheck.

Karen Paterson, CEO, Patersons HR and Payroll Solutions, said, "As companies seek to do more with less, one of the first areas they consider is how technology can support this initiative. At Patersons, we identified early on how software-as-a-service is the right platform to facilitate 24/7 access to critical business applications such as expense management, payroll and HR. The inclusion of expense management in Logon2 means global businesses don't need to license other solutions as they have the depth of functionality they need from Patersons."

Patersons clients' employees can access the expense submission functionality via Patersons' Employee Self Service portal. An expense report can be easily created in several simple steps from any PC via a standard Web browser. Upon submission, the corresponding manager is informed via email when reports have been uploaded and are ready for review. Once an expense report has been approved or denied online, employees are notified via email. Because Patersons Logon2 is Web-based, employees and managers can access the system from their homes, offices or while traveling, enabling a quicker processing time. Plus, with one central location for expense reporting, companies gain a better understanding and control over spending while also reducing the data errors related to manual processing.

The new expense management functionality is available immediately for users of Logon2. More information may be accessed at www.patersons.net.

About Patersons HR and Payroll

Headquartered in Salisbury, U.K. with offices in the U.S., central Europe and Asia, Patersons HR and Payroll is a leading global HR and payroll software and services business that can deliver expert solutions to clients in more than 160 countries. The Company's secure Internet-based software as a service is multi-currency and multi-lingual (covering over 30 languages), features an easy-to-use interface, supports fast implementation times and facilitates integration with existing systems. Patersons HR and Payroll differentiates itself by: one contract, one software solution, one enterprise interface and one cohesive system approach. As a result, Patersons has proved the impossible by being able to run multi-jurisdictional payroll rules for multiple clients on one database and one instance of source code worldwide. More information and contact details can be accessed at www.patersons.net.