DETROIT, MI--(Marketwire - October 26, 2009) - In a recent plant tour and appearance on WVSN Industry Visions, Business Development Sales Manager of Harrington Hoists Brett Lussow said, "There's a growing trend with alternative energy companies purchasing green products to compliment their ideology of totally green and clean with manufactured equipment that is green compliant, no matter what its function is."

Harrington Hoists, one of the oldest hoist manufacturing companies in America, dating back to 1876, is now taking center stage in lifting for alternative energy projects of all kinds, from wind power, solar power, biomass, biodiesel, and everywhere precision lifting is required. Harrington Hoists support the Green Initiative in their manufacturing process with the "restriction of hazardous substances" or ROHS compliant.

Recently, Harrington Hoists became the first hoist and crane company to boast a UL rating on their hoists. When asked what third party certification is, and why it is so important, Manager Engineering of Harrington Hoists Chris Hess commented, "Third party certification is certification from an independent company, a laboratory, whose specialty it is to review the safety of electromechanical components on equipment, such as a hoist.

"We contracted with Underwriters Laboratories, one of the premier third party certifiers in the world, and that is why we now have a UL label proudly displayed on our NER and ER series hoists. OSHA regulators and electrical inspectors may actually halt plant commissioning, if third party certification is not available on hoists."

Harrington Hoists has had a rich colorful history in the pages of the American heavy industrial process industries that began in 1876 when Edwin Harrington moved to the industrial hub Philadelphia and developed the first worm gear technology. It was about that time that he teamed up with Dr. Westin, the creator of the Westin Style mechanical load brake, still used in hoists today. The proudest moment in their history was when they were asked to move the liberty bell for the third time, eventually to its current location at Liberty Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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