BELMONT, CA--(Marketwire - October 27, 2009) - Vyatta, the leader in open networking and network virtualization, today announced that Delta Sonic Car Wash Systems is using Vyatta appliances to secure its credit card transactions. Delta Sonic has deployed 28 Vyatta 514 appliances, one at each of its retail locations in New York, Pennsylvania, and Illinois to transmit credit card and cardholder information from point-of-sale systems to two Vyatta 2501 appliances at the company's headquarters in Buffalo.

"After we compared Vyatta's features, price, and reliability to what we saw from the competition, it was an easy choice," said Matthew Mackes, network administrator at Delta Sonic Car Wash Systems. "Vyatta was simply better. The Vyatta appliances were easy to install and configure and have performed flawlessly. We were very impressed that we could build a highly secure infrastructure with so little cost or management pain. Vyatta's ability to run virtualized is a unique attribute of their open networking system that allowed us to standardize even more of our network on Vyatta."

As a Level 2 Payment Card Industry (PCI) merchant, Delta Sonic Car Wash Systems is required to process, store, and transmit credit card information in a secure environment to satisfy the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council's PCI Data Security Standard. The company evaluated solutions from Juniper and Cisco, but chose Vyatta appliances to securely transmit transaction data between its retail locations and headquarters.

Vyatta allows Delta Sonic Car Wash Systems to segment the network, so cardholder data transmissions are secure from any VoIP, video, or other data flowing across the network. In addition, Vyatta has enabled Delta Sonic Car Wash Systems to secure internet-facing virtual machines in its Citrix XenServer-based virtual datacenter.

"The data security, network segmentation, and virtualization involved in the installation at Delta Sonic Car Wash Systems really demonstrate the complete value that Vyatta offers network managers," said Dave Roberts, vice president of strategy at Vyatta. "For thousands of dollars less than proprietary solutions, Vyatta software and appliances easily address the routing and security needs of distributed networks as well as physical and virtual datacenters. Vyatta was able to meet Delta Sonic Car Wash System's needs today and provide an ideal foundation to scale into the future."

The Vyatta 514 appliance, integrating Vyatta's award-winning open-source routing and security software with a small form-factor hardware platform, is ideal for small offices and retail outlets without a dedicated server or telecom room. The Vyatta Series 2500 appliances, delivered in a 1U rack mount form factor, offer processing power and hardware flexibility that make them ideal for SME, enterprise, and service provider sites.

Vyatta runs on standard x86 hardware and delivers a full set of networking features that allow customers to connect, protect, virtualize, and optimize their networks, improving performance, reducing costs, and increasing manageability and flexibility compared to proprietary networking solutions. Vyatta has been deployed by hundreds of customers worldwide in both virtual and non-virtual environments. For more on using Vyatta in virtual environments, please visit and

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