DRAPER, UT--(Marketwire - October 27, 2009) - Megadyne, an end-to-end, full-solution electrosurgical equipment and accessory developer/manufacturer, announced today that it has entered into a one-year partnership with Attainia, an industry-leading online marketplace for medical capital equipment. Attainia will showcase Megadyne's Mega Power™ Electrosurgical Generator and Mega Vac™ Smoke Evacuation Products.

"Megadyne is a great addition to Attainia's capital planning system," notes Anil Singhal, MD and VP of Supplier Programs. "Their environmentally 'green' equipment lines are easily identified in Attainia and will be well received by our membership."

Under the terms of the agreement, these products will now be available through Attainia, allowing hospital staff and purchasing consultants to easily specify Megadyne's innovative technologies into clinical building projects and facility remodeling efforts.

"We are excited about the additional exposure the relationship with Attainia will provide for our electrosurgical products," said Wayne Chappell, vice president of worldwide sales for Megadyne. "Many of our customers were interested in having our products available through Attainia's capital planning catalog in order to more easily specify the Megadyne product line. We were pleased to partner with Attainia because of its solid reputation."

Mega Power™ Electrosurgical Generator

Simple and intuitive to use, the Mega Power features proprietary Advanced Cutting Effect (ACE) mode, designed to provide a scalpel-like cutting effect for minimal thermal necrosis and reduced scarring. With preset power mode settings, large displays and minimal adjustments required of the clinical staff, the system is simple and intuitive to use and most of all, safe for patient and staff.

Mega Vac™ Smoke Evacuation

An easy to use, quiet and comfortable smoke evacuator system that protects surgical staff and patients from the hazards of electrosurgical smoke plume. The Mega Vac features a radiofrequency sensor, which turns the smoke evacuator on and off when the surgeon activates the electrosurgical instrument.

About Attainia

Founded in 2001, Attainia, Inc. is dedicated to improving the management of the healthcare capital equipment lifecycle. Attainia supplies the industry's broadest array of capital equipment management systems, including: BUDGET, PLAN, PREDICT, PURCHASE and WATCH. All Attainia software systems are internet-based. Attainia is the most widely used and highly customized equipment planning, budgeting and tracking system available. Attainia customers include some of the largest healthcare capital equipment firms, hospital purchasing groups, integrated delivery networks, and individual hospitals.


MEGADYNE, (www.megadyne.com), is the recognized authority on non-stick electrosurgical electrodes and cost-effective surgical devices. The company was founded in 1985 to facilitate the research and development of high quality, cost effective medical products for surgeons and nurses. With over twenty years of innovation, its research and development team has continued to bring to market revolutionary electrosurgical devices and accessories to keep pace with the changing needs of healthcare professionals. MEGADYNE's products have been proven in thousands of operating rooms and surgical centers in most regions of the world.

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