LONDON--(Marketwire - October 27, 2009) - Silobreaker, known primarily for its news search service, has launched a new software suite for corporate customers and government agencies looking for more effective ways to monitor and analyze the news behind their own firewall. Before today, most companies and agencies had two basic options: free online news search or paid services from news aggregators or news monitoring firms. Neither option provides the critical analytical tools to deal effectively with the avalanche of news content available today. Silobreaker's software offers a new option for companies wanting to combine news aggregation with sense-making tools and graphics.

"The problem for information workers today is making sense of the information that they are drowning in," said Sue Feldman, IDC's VP for Search and Discovery Technologies. "Combining access to information with tools that allow users to explore and understand should create an appealing product for Silobreaker. The fact that they use multiple visual tools, and use linguistic analysis, as well as pattern recognition means that they will be able to surface concepts and names of people, places and things. This in turn should save workers time, and help them to discover trends and facts in the information that they didn't know were there."

Having built powerful search and analysis capabilities, Silobreaker's software handles text, video, images, and other multimedia content and presents results to customers through a variety of rich graphics including Network, InFocus, 360, Hot Spots, and Trends. The robust software also links into existing and complex enterprise taxonomies, thesauri, languages, and other internal data to provide customers with market and industry specific results. To see a video presentation, please visit YouTube:

"Gaining competitive advantage or critical insight from media monitoring can only come from how well and how fast people can analyze and contextualize the deluge of information," said Silobreaker CEO Kristofer Mansson. "If people want to move from 'search' to 'discovery,' then we need to change the model of keyword-only queries, which generates page after page of lists, requiring people to manually look through headlines to find what they think they're looking for. Silobreaker's deep content mining and graphic results help people find things faster, make discoveries and expand or narrow their searches easily, without having to go back to a new keyword search. Using Silobreaker, people can quickly get to the business of making decisions."

Silobreaker found that professional users of quickly realize the value of the technology and want it tailored to meet their own needs by incorporating specific content and criteria. One such organization is the Swedish Armed Forces (Swedish: Försvarsmakten), who in 2008 announced their plans to build a new media monitoring system and invited Silobreaker along with several other vendors and consultants to develop a specific solution to meet their internal requirements. The overall contract was awarded to Swedish integration consultant LearningWell AB who teamed up with Silobreaker and whose Enterprise Software Suite became the central engine for the Swedish Armed Forces' news intelligence system.

"This well-run deployment demonstrates that an undertaking of this complexity and magnitude does not need to become an IT project that lasts for years," explained Peter Karlsson, Managing Director of integration consultant LearningWell AB. "Without a doubt, the Silobreaker technology facilitated and enabled this speedy process, eliminating many challenges and costs usually associated with the implementation of large IT solutions."

Silobreaker Enterprise Software Suite

Available today and fully based on the constantly tested and improving engine and interface, Silobreaker Enterprise Software combines data fusion, search, semantic and statistical text-mining with an intuitive web interface and powerful graphics. While traditional systems take search requests and return lists, Silobreaker presents a network of relationships, geographical interest points, global articles, public conversations, as well as connections between people, companies, places, and other entities. The software suite offers a single system that deals with the entire work flow around news monitoring; from back-end content aggregation, intelligent indexing, classification and storage to front-end search, analysis, quality assurance, user collaboration and decision support.

About Silobreaker

Combining news aggregation with killer search and rich, graphical representations of the news, Silobreaker provides insight by finding and reading the news like a person does. It recognizes people, companies, topics, places, and keywords; understands how they relate and puts them into context. The visual presentation -- similar to an online newspaper with analytical benefits -- allows people to naturally view connections, trends and topics or navigate deeper into personal, relevant stories. Pulling content from ~15,000 news, blog, research, and multimedia sources, Silobreaker's engine is focused on finding and connecting related data in the information flow. Providing "Insight as a Service," Silobreaker's award-winning combination of search, news aggregation, and unique graphical representation helps everyone in their quest for knowledge and current events. Please visit -- tell us what you think.

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