MINNEAPOLIS, MN and SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - October 27, 2009) - Advantenon, which develops mobile business intelligence (BI) applications, and Birst, a leading provider of on-demand solutions for BI and analytics, today announced that they have joined forces to provide low-cost, mobile BI solutions that deliver rapid ROI. These applications push small pieces of actionable data out to people wherever they are, helping users make better daily decisions that improve business performance.

"Our clients are tired of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on BI projects that drag on for months and disrupt their business, and then fail to provide any real value. They're looking for nimble applications that deliver ROI in weeks -- not months or years," said David Coudron, President, Advantenon. "Birst's on-demand BI solution provides the perfect platform for our mobile applications because it can be deployed quickly and easily, in bite-size nuggets, without the need to create a company-wide data warehouse."

Through its new partnership with Birst, Advantenon is able to deliver exceptional value to clients, with an incredibly low cost of entry. Advantenon can snap in new BI applications quickly and easily, allowing clients to start with one small, high-value project and then build on it with iterations. Applications range from mobile sales opportunity dashboards to tools comparing inventory to orders, and shipping and inventory management dashboards. Information is delivered to mobile devices in small, graphical chunks that help people make better, faster decisions that ultimately increase profitability.

Birst's ease-of-use, affordability, and scalability deliver more value with less work, in less time, and at a dramatically lower cost than traditional analytics applications. Birst's innovative, on-demand solution provides the robust information and analysis clients need, without burdening IT departments. Because Birst is a 100% software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution there is no hardware to buy, reducing upfront costs.

"At Birst, we believe that BI is only useful if it delivers the right information to the right people, at the right time," said Brad Peters, CEO, Birst. "By combining Birst's on-demand technology with Advantenon's applications, we're providing the information clients need, wherever and whenever they need it. That's what BI is all about."

About Advantenon

Advantenon (http://www.advantenon.com/) develops high-value mobile business intelligence applications that push small pieces of actionable data out to people frequently -- wherever they are. Unlike traditional BI projects, which drag on for months, disrupt the business, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and fail to deliver real value; Advantenon projects are fast, low-cost, high-value and pain-free. Most projects pay for themselves within weeks. Typical Advantenon applications include mobile sales opportunity dashboards, tools comparing inventory to orders, and shipping and inventory management dashboards.

About Birst

Birst™ is the leading provider of on-demand business intelligence solutions. Birst brings the benefits of fact-based decision-making to a much broader audience by making it affordable, fast, and easy to use. Birst is designed to support users of all sizes -- from individuals to groups and entire companies, so that everyone can benefit from greater insight into their business.

More information is available at www.birst.com.

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