RAMAT HASHARON, ISRAEL--(Marketwire - October 27, 2009) - Libox has introduced a Beta version of a new private media-sharing solution that lets users share digital files in the original quality, size, format, and resolution in which they were created. The distributed Libox technology utilizes P2P networking and a server-less cloud storage architecture to enable this highly-scalable, high-definition media sharing capability.

The Libox Desktop Beta can be downloaded and used for free, with unlimited media sharing capacity. Libox users can sync all their media files across an unlimited number of computers and devices, and search and share media using an intuitive interface. Libox uses private secure networks to share media, without storing metadata on servers. This ensures that videos, photos, music and other digital media remain private and protected.

"Existing media-sharing platforms compromise quality by compressing, resizing, and degrading the original content," said Erez Pilosof, founder of Libox. "Libox delivers content in the original format and quality as was intended by the content's creator, with no compromise whatsoever. With the explosion of digital media, consumers are ready for a simple, scalable, reliable sharing solution like Libox."

Unique features of Libox:

--  Free and unlimited original-quality media sharing
--  Simple group sharing of media using a private, secure network
--  One location for all of your media, and media shared with you
--  Integrated playback of more than 200 media formats
--  Media is synced across multiple computers
--  Seamless integration between online and desktop

About Libox

Libox is a startup whose mission is to provide a free and simple way to experience, sync, and share unlimited original-quality media. Libox has developed a new approach to private file management and sharing. The company started by designing a very simple and intuitive user experience for searching, viewing and sharing media, then developed a unique technology to support this approach. Libox uses a unique combination of peer-to-peer networking, grid computing and cloud computing. For more information and a free software download, please visit www.libox.com.

Contact Information: Contact Erez Pilosof Libox Founder pilo@liboxmail.com Skype: erez_pilosof Twitter: http://twitter.com/libox