NEEDHAM, MA--(Marketwire - October 27, 2009) - Sonian, Inc., the trusted cloud-powered universal data management company, today announced a partnership with Novell GroupWise to provide value-added email archiving and e-discovery services to the Novell GroupWise Community. The only cloud-powered hosted archiving solution for Novell GroupWise, the Sonian Archive Service provides Novell GroupWise customers of all sizes with an affordable, scalable, reliable, secure and feature-rich hosted email archiving and e-discovery service.

"I certainly recommend Sonian for GroupWise archiving," says Matt Merrell, IT Resource Manager, HIPAA Security Officer, Southeastern District Health Department. "It ensures that no email is deleted before archiving, and they offer unlimited data size in the archive. We have been using them for some time now, and it is the best solution I have ever used for archiving."

An on-demand hosted service with a 15-minute online subscription sign up, Sonian Archive enables GroupWise users to get up and running quickly without investing in any additional hardware or software infrastructure. The service also satisfies all governance, risk and compliance requirements; and provides litigation support and e-discovery, storage resource management, business continuity and best business practices. With the Sonian Archive Service, Novell GroupWise customers receive:

-- Compliant archiving: Sonian leverages the GroupWise retention date
   service to lock down mailboxes and/or post offices and prevent users
   from removing messages from their Trash until they have been
   successfully captured by the Sonian collection service in a compliant
   and secure way.
-- Unlimited, cost-effective storage: Sonian Archive takes advantage of
   unlimited and low-cost Cloud storage to archive enterprise emails and
   other user-generated content for an affordable monthly fee usually
   between $3.00 and $5.00/month.
-- Millisecond search and analysis of dark data: Unlike other hosted
   archive offerings that reduce costs by migrating older data to offline
   or near-line storage systems, Sonian Archive keeps all data online and
   immediately accessible from any internet connection 24 hours a day. Its
   powerful search engine delivers rapid search results on all historic
-- Self-training UIs: Sonian user interfaces are intuitive for all skill
   set levels, and extensive self-service online training videos guide
   users through all tasks. An online interface for GroupWise enterprise
   administrators provides access to management for trusted applications,
   as well as the ability to define post office agents and configure the
   collection criteria that best fit their organization without the help
   of systems engineers.
-- Improved GroupWise performance: Without the need to retain large
   GroupWise databases, timeframes for backup and restoration windows
   shorten and upgrading to new service packs and versions of GroupWise
   becomes much, much easier.
-- Integration Into GroupWise 8 Client:  The Sonian user interface can be
   accessible directly through the GroupWise 8 client so that users can
   manage their live mailbox and archive through a single familiar

"On a technical level, Sonian and GroupWise have worked very closely together to incorporate the GroupWise Trusted Application API into the Sonian platform so that the Sonian Archive service can safely and securely capture GroupWise emails," said Travis Grandpre, Novell GroupWise. "The combination of Sonian's unique Cloud-based architecture and powerful search engine gives GroupWise customers an unparalleled email archive and e-discovery platform that promises to get even stronger and more sophisticated over time."

About Sonian

Sonian is the trusted cloud-powered universal data management company, which delivers archiving/storage, e-discovery and compliance services. Global organizations rely on Sonian for its affordability, security, ease of deployment and use. Founded in 2006, Sonian supports thousands of customers on all major enterprise collaboration solutions including Exchange, Notes, GroupWise, Zimbra and others; and enjoys strategic partnerships with industry leaders Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Mindshift, Axway and IBM. For more information, visit

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