PEARL RIVER, NY--(Marketwire - October 28, 2009) - U.S. RE Corporation, the international reinsurance brokerage firm, has formed a strategic alliance with San Segur, a prominent insurance and reinsurance broker in Buenos Aires, Argentina with access to the Latin American market, Tal P. Piccione, Chairman/CEO of U.S. RE, announced.

The alliance between San Segur and U.S. RE will operate in the insurance and reinsurance markets of Argentina and take advantage of other mutual opportunities elsewhere in Latin America.

"We're pleased to join in this alliance with Daniel Wittenberg, President of San Segur, and his organization," Piccione said. "The combination of U.S. RE's access to global reinsurance markets and San Segur's presence and knowledge in the Argentine insurance and reinsurance business will forge a productive relationship," he added. Riccardo Nicolini, Senior Vice President-International, will oversee U.S. RE's role in the alliance.

San Segur provides a wide range of commercial property/casualty insurance to major corporate clients. Since 1980, the company has focused on niche business including Professional Liability and commercial insurance for small and medium size companies.

"We look forward to working closely with U.S. RE to build business in the reinsurance sector and expand the range of services we offer our clients," Wittenberg said.

The alliance will be based in the office of San Segur, Av. Belgrano 624 Piso 1° (C1092AAT), Buenos Aires, Argentina; Tel: (54-11) 4342-4503 / 4127 / 9475; Web site:; Mail:

Contact Information: Media Contact: Mechlin Moore MDM Communications 845-920-7081 U.S. RE Executive Contact: Riccardo Nicolini 845-920-7069 San Segur Executive Contact: Daniel Wittenberg President 54-110 4342-4503