BEIJING--(Marketwire - October 28, 2009) - MOQIZONE HOLDING CORPORATION (OTCBB: MOQZ), a leading digital entertainment delivery platform company that delivers last mile connectivity to Internet Cafés across China via its proprietary MoqiZone WiMax Network, announced the official launching of its flagship B2C online game platform portal is a digital entertainment delivery platform that delivers online content and games to internet cafes (or cafes) in China via the proprietary MoqiZone WiMax Network. The MoqiZone Network provides content delivery to the viral online gaming market and connects game players to online content providers utilizing a national WiMax network. According to China's Internet Café Association, there are currently over 150,000 licensed internet cafés in China, each with an average of not less than 100 personal computers, or PCs. This means that not less than 15.0 million potential game players may be accessing online content and games at any point in time.

" is the online game platform from which we aggregate and integrate all of our online game contents and which will be our interface to interact with our WIMAX connected internet cafes, as well as our online game players," said Mr. Lawrence Cheung, CEO of the Company. Mr. Cheung further stated that, "This signifies a very important milestone, since people can now purchase game cards issued by us and consume on games carried on our portal. Our team has also completed the build out of the MoqiZone WiMax Network in Suzhou and we are now ready to deploy our receivers at Internet Café's throughout the City over the next 2 weeks. We are also going to soft launch 15-20 games in the next few weeks to ensure that these games will be commercially available by year end." Additionally, interested internet cafes not yet linked to MoqiZone WiMax Network can preview and test certain limited functions of our platform via a mirror site hosted on the public internet

The pronunciation of "53MQ" in Chinese is quite similar to the phrase "I want to go to MQ," making it easy for the gaming community to remember our product offerings. MoqiZone's game portfolio includes new games that the market has demanded and other games that already have significant popularity. The Company's sales and marketing team will begin a marketing campaign concurrently with the launch to promote the branding of 53MQ.

About MoqiZone

MoqiZone Holdings Limited ("MoqiZone"), a subsidiary of MoqiZone Holding Corporation, is a leading digital entertainment delivery platform company that delivers last mile connectivity to Internet Cafés across China via its proprietary MoqiZone WiMax Network. The MoqiZone WiMax Network affords the Company with a sustainable, low-cost competitive advantage for providing last mile connectivity for Internet Cafés, while increasing the net economic benefit to the primary value chain participants -- the content providers and the Internet Cafés. The MoqiZone WiMax Network is currently being deployed in Beijing, Shenzhen & Chengdu in Sichuan; the Company expects to deploy the Network in 12 additional cities, which provides a market of approximately 12,000 Internet Cafés, within the next twenty-four months.


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