NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - October 29, 2009) - UMOO, the largest and fastest-growing fantasy stock exchange in the world, today unveiled its latest player-organized social tournament on its real-time virtual stock trading platform. This completely new gaming entertainment mixes real stock market data with the ability to compare one's performance against other players instead of the stock market. UMOO offers fast-paced, highly challenging, skill-based tournaments with real money prizes, without risking anything other than an entry fee. Players can opt to play against the UMOO Community or connect with Facebook, Yahoo and AOL buddies, friends, family or colleagues in a "private" challenge. UMOO is the only game to offer this fun, easy to use, highly entertaining package -- the perfect interactive blend of a virtual world, real-life and social networking that allows users to play as a group and even learn about the stock market.

UMOO's social entertainment allows players to organize their own buddy tournaments for fantasy trading on the New York and Singapore stock exchanges, and offers sets of variable parameters to design competitions according to their own preferences to share the skill-based game. Players can organize a one hour, one day or two-week showdown with their best friends to see who can win the highest cash prizes.

Variable Parameters can be:

Number of competitors: Size can vary anywhere from two to 100 players

Buy-in Fee: Starting at 2 US Dollars

Time: From 1 hour to 100 days

Style of play: Mini Tournament, Double Up Tournament, Massive Tournaments

"Competition is the essence of a social game -- measure yourself against your peers and friends. We make it easier for players to do just that," commented Yariv Kafri, Executive Vice President. "Now we are making UMOO a social fun event beyond the UMOO community, giving players the exclusive feature of being in control of the terms, players, and design."

The user-design tournament beta is the latest addition to UMOO's innovative fantasy stock market gaming platform, presenting players with an alternative, virtual stock market contest where risk is minimal and the opportunity to win is real. Users pay a fee (buy-in) to enter a tournament of their choice -- or design one of their own -- where they receive virtual money with which to build and cultivate simulated portfolios based on real-time stock market quotes from the S&P 500 in competitive trading tournaments.

About UMOO

UMOO is a fantasy stock trading platform, offering players around the world the ability to experience the thrills of real-time stock exchange trading for fun or profit, while minimizing risk by allowing the users to play against each other and not the market itself. With accounts available by subscription and a pay-as-you-play option, users can choose from a variety of tournaments to compete in or to create new tournaments with friends. UMOO's office is in New York, NY. To play the game, please visit

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