TOKYO--(Marketwire - October 30, 2009) - In order to survive the worldwide recession and this time of drastic change in the industry's competitive environment, and to move up to a more global stage of doing business, ANA has taken advantage of the planned 2010 expansion of capacity at Tokyo metropolitan airports (Haneda and Narita) to put together the framework for its ANA Group Management Strategy for the next period.

Hit by the world recession stemmed from a financial crisis last year, ANA Group formulated the "FY2009 Corporate Plan," centered on cutting JPY73 billion in costs, and the "FY2009 Emergency Income Recovery Plan" aimed at improving our financial standing by JPY30 billion to cope with suppressed demand due to the impact of the new strain of influenza. Step-by-step, the Group carried out an unabashed review of each business and cost structure. Meanwhile, due to the prolonged decline in demand, orientation toward low prices, intensification in competition with other transportation facilities, liberalization in aviation, etc., the environment in which the ANA Group finds itself has become even more severe.

Confronted with such a changing environment, and upon the formulation of a new management strategy, the Group promotes a growth strategy under the keywords of this changing environment, "deflationary basis," "globalization," and the move toward the "Open Sky Policy" The following two points will be the axes of this growth strategy.

--  Implement radical reform and restructuring so as to build a "basis
    for growth" equivalent to returning to the black in 2010, even on a
    deflationary basis, and giving rise to stable revenues in FY2011
--  Leverage the business opportunity to the maximum with the expansion
    of the capacity at the Tokyo metropolitan airports, center hereafter on
    growth of international air routes, achieve No. 1 in Asia quickly, and
    establish the new management vision of stepping up "on a more global stage"

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