FAIRFAX, VA--(Marketwire - November 3, 2009) - CapRock Government Solutions announced today that it has signed a multi-year, multi-transponder strategic purchase agreement with UK-based Paradigm Secure Communications Ltd. Paradigm owns and operates a fleet of military hardened geosynchronous communications satellites with both X-band and UHF payloads. Although Paradigm has signed on other distributors of capacity on its Skynet 5 satellite fleet, this agreement makes CapRock the company's first Network Service Provider to the U.S. military and Intelligence community.

Access to commercially provided X-band communications has become increasingly important as a means to augment military satellite capabilities, the demand for which continues to outpace supply. With the addition of access to Paradigm's hardened and protected X-band capacity, CapRock now has the ability to offer a wider variety of X-band services tailored to each unique government requirement.

In December 2008 CapRock signed a similar multi-year, multi-transponder purchase contract with another commercial X-band provider. The initiative has been highly successful, resulting in the deployment of over 200MHz of bandwidth and multiple protected networks for the U.S. Government. When combined with other agreements, CapRock is now the single largest network provider of commercial X-band services to the U.S. Government.

"To support our clients' expanding requirements for in-theatre communications, we've taken a proactive approach and prepositioned both bandwidth and infrastructure in areas of high demand," said CapRock Government Solutions President, Tom Eaton. "We've expanded our strategic investments in X-band infrastructure and new services so they will be available when and where our government clients need them. This pioneering arrangement with Paradigm exemplifies CapRock's strategy of anticipating, investing in, and then meeting the demand for innovative remote communications solutions."

"At Paradigm, we continuously look for partners who not only understand the unique challenges of government missions and how to deliver trusted end-to-end solutions, but also have the ability to add their own value to our X-band capacity," said Paradigm Managing Director, Keith Norton. "CapRock has a proven reputation as a premier provider of managed satellite network solutions operating in some of the world's toughest environments. We are very pleased to add CapRock to our family of distributors and to have them as our first Network Service Provider to the U.S. military and Intelligence communities."

CapRock's Paradigm-based services are designed for sensitive missions that may require resilient, operationally secure, military-grade solutions. Originally commissioned under contract with the British Ministry of Defence, Paradigm owns and operates a state-of-the-art military grade satellite fleet which includes electromagnetic-pulse hardened satellites, built-in anti-jamming capabilities, configurable global and spot beam coverage and MAC Level I security certification.

As Paradigm's Network Service Provider to the U.S. military and Intelligence community, CapRock will offer both off-the-shelf subscription services and custom-designed satellite networks. As part of its end-to-end X-band services, CapRock provides complete remote terminals, including man-portable, quick deploy and communications-on-the-move systems, as well as space segment and teleport services. These offerings are unique in that they are commercially available solutions designed from inception to support military and intelligence missions.

In addition to the recent Paradigm agreement, CapRock currently provides over 3.5GHz of managed communications services across some 40 satellites in X, C, Ku, and Ka bands. CapRock is a facilities-based service provider and owns and operates a global infrastructure of five teleports, four 24x7 network operations centers and eleven regional field service centers.

About CapRock Government Solutions (formerly Arrowhead Global Solutions)

CapRock Government Solutions is recognized as a trusted and innovative specialty telecommunications and IT solutions partner for defense, intelligence and government organizations. As a division of global communications provider, CapRock Communications, the company's total assets include a self-owned and operated infrastructure of four international teleports, four 24x7 network operations centers, service on more than 45 satellites and over 650 employees deployed around the globe. With over 28 years of service to its industry customers in over 120 countries, CapRock is the world's largest provider of fully managed VSAT services to extreme environments. Presently, the Government team supports more than thirty government agency customers and thousands of associated end-users. For more information, visit www.caprock.com.

About Paradigm Secure Communications

Paradigm is the world's leading commercial provider of military-grade satellite communications. The company is the prime contractor for the Skynet 5 contract with the UK Ministry of Defence, signed in October 2003, valued at £3.6 billion. The program provides mobile voice, video, internet and broadcast communications for the UK armed forces, as well as a range of other Government departments and agencies, such as NATO, the Netherlands, Portugal, Canada, France, Germany and Australia. Paradigm owns, manages and operates the Skynet 5 satellite system, and is responsible for delivering the service, controlling the satellite fleet, managing the network and implementing all upgrades throughout its life. For more information, visit www.paradigmsecure.com

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