LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - November 4, 2009) - SproutBaby.com, the leading online destination for environmentally conscious parenting, has added biodegradable, disposable and reusable cloth diaper lines to its robust offering of green parenting products. With diapering being one of the most expensive and environmentally taxing adventures of parenthood, SproutBaby.com's specialty diaper selection offers parents a much needed alternative to traditional diapers found at the grocery store.

Standard diapers cost approximately $3,000 over the first 30 months of a baby's life -- while a set of SproutBaby.com's cloth diapers for the same period costs roughly a third of this amount. SproutBaby.com's biodegradable diapers offer an eco-friendly option for parents who need the convenience of disposables.

"Parents are eager for intelligent diapering solutions because they understand the tremendous impact this decision has on the welfare of their babies and the planet," said Jody Sherman, Founder and CEO of SproutBaby.com. "With our new biodegradable disposables and reusable cloth diapers, parents can rest easy knowing they are having a minimal impact on the environment while providing the best care for their baby at an affordable price point."

Diapers are a new category for SproutBaby.com, which has become known to web-savvy parents for thoroughly vetted, eco-friendly products such as SproutFoods organic baby food, polycarbonate-free feeding solutions, and safe and gentle mom and baby care products.

Biodegradable, disposable diapers:

Nature Babycare diapers, SproutBaby's disposable, biodegradable option, offer the most eco-friendly decomposition of any non-reusable diaper available today. Ranging in six sizes to meet babies' needs until toilet training, the Nature Babycare diapers offer maximum environmental protection with the convenience of a disposable product.

Reusable, cloth diapers:

For 100% environmental sustainability, SproutBaby also offers three eco-friendly, reusable, cost-saving cloth diaper lines: Play All Day, Baby BeeHinds and Kissaluvs. Cloth diapers create no disposable waste and can cost roughly a third of the price of disposable diapers over a baby's first two and a half years of growth.

"I recently learned that a baby will go through approximately 8,000 diaper changes from birth to toilet training -- that's a lot of diapers!" said Wendy Wallace, loyal SproutBaby mom. "Not getting this right would be a big mistake. I owe it to my child to make a smart decision for her and the world she will inherit."

About SproutBaby.com

SproutBaby.com is an online source for organic, affordable baby food and products for eco-conscious parents. The company is the brainchild of parents and professionals who wanted to make purchasing products, essential to the development of healthy children, reasonable and effortless. Through education and environmental advocacy, SproutBaby believes that parents would gladly choose products that are as healthy for their children as they are good for the earth. All SproutBaby.com products are certified non-toxic, have not been tested on animals and contain no health compromising chemicals. For more information, please visit http://www.sproutbaby.com/.

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