DETROIT, MI--(Marketwire - November 9, 2009) - Industrial lifts requiring hoists and cranes have always been a concern for plant safety managers. New concerns of chain strength after prolonged exposure to corrosive elements in the heavy industrial process industries have now prompted researchers to develop stronger chains that are impervious to corrosive elements. Harrington Hoists is leading the field with new engineering along with their parent company Kito Corporation, developing stronger chains for industry. Harrington's new chains meet the worldwide standards known as DIN (Deutsches Institute für Normung).

In a recent interview on WVSN Industry Visions, Business Development Sales Manager Bret Lussow commented, "There's a lot of engineering that goes into this chain. That's really where the technology begins is with the chain. We start with the chain and then we develop the hoist. What we did is we actually developed a smaller link, and by having a smaller link you get more surface to surface contact between the links, which ensures that the chain will last longer."

When asked what kind of environments the chain is exposed to in the heavy industrial process industry, Lussow continued, "Well, as you can imagine, a whole host of different environments; everything from inside a wind turbine, to inside a paper mill or a foundry, so a lot of corrosive environments. Sand, dust, grime, water, they can all be catastrophic to hoists."

"What makes the DIN chain impervious to corrosion is what we added to it. Besides all of the technology in engineering standards that meets DIN, we actually added nickel plating that makes our chains impervious to corrosive environments, something that most other chains on hoists don't have."

Industrial plant safety managers are encouraged to regularly exam chains on hoists in corrosive environments. Visual inspections and load testing may help to avoid catastrophic load drop.

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