DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - November 19, 2009) - Gsphere, the industry's first multi-dimensional investment tool that measures and optimizes investment portfolio diversification, today announced the launch of, a new diagnostic tool available exclusively to a limited number of financial professionals.

The breakthrough investment tool, available at, enables financial planners and advisors to diagnose the True Diversification™ of their client portfolios. The site also provides investment professionals the resources necessary to gain a deeper understanding of True Diversification™ and the positive impact it has on portfolios.

"We're excited to be offering financial professionals the kind of insight and investment expertise that provides," said Bob Priest, Vice President of Industry Marketing for Gsphere. "Our new site represents a powerful and easy-to-use tool to diagnose portfolios in a deep and significant way."

MyDiversification.Com Powered By Gsphere

The new site is powered by Gsphere, one of the most significant advancements in portfolio construction and presentation since the discovery of Mean Variance Optimization nearly 50 years ago. Gsphere is the investment industry's first and only way to effectively measure, optimize, and visualize diversification.

True Diversification™ seeks to maximize diversification by optimally allocating assets and reducing inefficiencies in the portfolio that often drag down performance. Through recent research done with the University of Denver's prestigious Daniel's Business School, Gravity Investments, the firm responsible for the development of Gsphere, concluded that increasing the diversification measure within a portfolio directly increased the preservation of capital in down markets without sacrificing the performance of the portfolio in up markets.

"It is surprisingly eye-opening for investment professionals to actually see the level of diversification they have achieved in their investment portfolios," said James Damschroder, Founder of Gravity Investments and inventor of the Gsphere process. "More than that, it's incredibly exciting to achieve higher long-term returns through True Diversification™."

Gsphere is quickly gaining momentum in the market with independent advisors, fund managers, and broker dealers, including Cambridge Investment Research, First Affirmative Financial Network, Capstone Investment Financial Group, Aintree Capital, and The Bornhoft Group Corporation.

Advisors seeking a greater understanding of True Diversification™ will have the opportunity to see Gsphere in action by attending twice weekly webinars where diversification measurement, optimization, and visualization are demonstrated.

A subsequent rollout of the site in early 2010 will be targeted specifically at consumers to help measure and understand diversification of their portfolios. Through the site, individual investors will have the ability to either locate a Gsphere Certified Advisor or send a True Diversification™ report directly to their own advisor alerting them as to its level of diversification.

About Gsphere

Gsphere is an optimization and analytic suite that combines advanced portfolio optimization with sales and marketing accents. The brainchild of James Damschroder, inventor and visionary in the field of diversification optimization and visualization, Gsphere and its "holistic portfolio visualization" process bridges the gap between traditional asset allocation and diversification optimization, providing users an unparalleled ability to manage and market investments. The methodology was recently awarded a patent specifically addressing the new and revolutionary method of modeling portfolio diversification in multiple dimensions.

About Gravity Investments

Gravity Investments, the worldwide leader in Diversification Intelligence, is a leader in financial engineering and investment technology. The Denver-based firm's innovative approach benefits virtually every sponsor of investment product, including broker/dealers, RIAs, insurance companies, mutual fund companies, hedge funds, pension plans, bank trust groups, 401(k) providers, fund consultants, family offices, foundations, and endowments. For more information on Gravity Investments please visit or call 866-373-8489.