TEMECULA, CA--(Marketwire - November 24, 2009) - As a leading provider of NG9-1-1 solutions, PlantCML® was one of 16 vendors that participated in an industry-first event demonstrating next-generation emergency communication capabilities by testing for interoperability with various applications, products and systems. The three-day Industry Collaboration Event (ICE), held earlier this month, was hosted by the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) at Texas A&M University's Internet2 Technology Evaluation Center in College Station, Texas.

"It was an honor for our company to participate in such a unique and forward-thinking event to promote NG9-1-1," said Dave Rutan, chief executive officer, PlantCML. "With technology moving at such a rapid rate it is imperative that, as an industry leader, we collaborate with other 9-1-1 providers. Such collaboration helps set an example regarding what needs to be accomplished to ensure the industry moves in both an effective and efficient manner from the existing E9-1-1 to NG9-1-1. This type of event is allowing us, along with many other vendors, to do just that."

The event provided the opportunity for vendors to work together to address different features of NG9-1-1 readiness and progress in achieving standards-based interoperable systems for PSAPs in the United States. The current E9-1-1 system supports traditional voice 9-1-1 calls. NG9-1-1 networks will replace the existing narrowband, circuit switched 9-1-1 networks, which carry only voice and limited data, and will begin to include such things as text messages, images and video.

"The three-day event was both beneficial for PlantCML and the industry, as a whole," said Jeroen de Witte, P.Eng, vice president of research and development, PlantCML. "We were able to work side-by-side with other vendors and test the interoperability between various systems in an open and collaborative venue. Ultimately, we all want the widespread deployment of NG9-1-1 to be successful and these types of events allow the industry to collectively make the necessary technological advances."

According to the NENA website, the association is dedicated to ensuring that all of the goals of NG9-1-1, both technical and non-technical, are met. NENA views a Certification and Accreditation program as a critical component to accomplishing standards-based NG9-1-1. Over the past year, NENA has reached out to all industry stakeholders and has received unanimous support for their proposed role in the creation and implementation of the program. With the backing of the public safety community, both commercial and governmental entities, NENA is stepping up to lead the effort.

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