TEMECULA, CA--(Marketwire - December 8, 2009) - PlantCML® announces the ORION™ ARIES® computer-aided dispatch (CAD) solution Integration Certification from Priority Dispatch Corporation™, purveyors of ProQA medical, fire and police dispatch.

The industry renowned certification was established over 12 years ago. A new certification process was recently instituted to improve implementations and customer satisfaction as a result of technology and industry demands. Of the three levels of certification, Priority Dispatch Corporation only supports those running on Certified Interfaces, as with the ORION ARIES solution.

"The ORION ARIES CAD solution is now certified for medical, fire and police agencies by Priority Dispatch Corporation. That provides our customers with a common CAD platform that can serve all their emergency response management needs and reduce their operational costs while enabling true interoperability between agencies. It's always great to have our CAD offering recognized for its outstanding performance and functionality by such a recognized industry leader like Priority Dispatch," said Ian McGraw, chief technology officer, PlantCML.

Priority Dispatch Corporation focuses on developing a certified and seamless integration to a CAD or Telco system to enhance the two products and enable everyone to more effectively utilize standardized call-taking within the client's environment. By providing a Certified Interface, the end-user can rest assured that the two products will perform to the high standards required in our industry.

Priority Dispatch Corporation is the only dispatch system provider with an in-house research and development organization and the approval of a recognized body of industry experts, the National Academies of Emergency Dispatch.

The ORION ARIES solution offers an intuitive user interface delivering incident data directly to the desktop. Emergency call takers can track every resource, view premise history, access supplemental information (e.g., unit recommendations, SOPs, HAZMAT instructions). Information is provided on demand allowing operator performance to be instantly enhanced and response capabilities dramatically improved.

Additionally, the ORION™ ARIES® solution offers such standard features as duplicate call detection, multiple incident display and browser-based reporting. Its modern, multi-tier architecture accommodates integration with third-party software, including ESRI-based shape files. It is deployed with existing PlantCML VESTA® call processing solutions and NightHawk™, the fully integrated mobile data component of the Integrated Dispatch Solution (IDS), further reducing support costs and eliminating the need for additional equipment.

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