BUFFALO, NY--(Marketwire - December 10, 2009) - As Robert Frost famously told us, it's worth noting the roads not taken. Case in point: the City of Redmond, Washington has announced that it used Ecology and Environment, Inc.'s (NASDAQ: EEI) rideshare software solution GreenRide® to reduce one million vehicle trips in only fifteen months. In a city with a daytime population of 100,000, the 15,000 participants in the city's rideshare program have saved 1.3 million gallons of gasoline and reduced more than 28 million pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions as a result of choosing alternatives to single occupant travel, as reported on the program's website, R-TRIP (www.gortrip.com).

Ecology and Environment's president and CEO, Kevin Neumaier, said, "If Redmond's program were mimicked nationwide, we could reduce 2.4 billion commute trips every year, the equivalent of more than 3 million trips around the world. As we look for complex solutions to climate change in Copenhagen, we should also embrace the simple steps that we can take. Redmond has done a fantastic job, almost completely with existing infrastructure. We are proud to have developed the software that assisted them in this accomplishment."

Erika Vandenbrande, Division Manager of Travel Demand Management for the City of Redmond, said, "The success of our new web-based R-TRIP system has exceeded my wildest expectations. Not only have users embraced being able to track and see the impacts of using alternatives to driving alone to work, employers have begun to use the tools to administer their commute option programs and realize significant cost-savings."

The R-TRIP website allows commuters to identify potential carpool partners and other available modes of transportation, and the strong participation has been fueled by an integrated reward system. The Redmond program seamlessly ties together carpooling, vanpooling, commute challenges, and Amazon.com® gift certificates or carbonfund.org carbon offsets earned by participants who travel using alternatives to single-occupant vehicles.

GreenRide is Ecology and Environment's award-winning solution for alternative transportation programs across countries, states, cities, employers, and universities in the United States and around the globe.

E & E has completed more than 45,000 projects for a wide variety of clients in 84 countries, providing environmental solutions in nearly every ecosystem on our planet. The Company is listed on the NASDAQ under the symbol EEI and is located on the web at www.ene.com.