CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - December 10, 2009) - kCura Corporation, a leading provider in e-discovery review software, announced today that Severson & Werson, a leading law firm based in California, used Relativity to help a national bank customer successfully defend itself in a merger and acquisition dispute. Under pressure to quickly find relevant documents to conduct depositions and determine case strategy, the law firm used Relativity Analytics. The software's concept search and clustering capabilities facilitated the review of 80,000 emails, most of which were not relevant to the matter and were missing critical metadata.

"Our client was facing tremendous pressure to defend itself in a suit in which the electronic evidence was nearly impossible to search because of the variations of text in important documents and lack of key metadata," said Bruce Furukawa, technology partner and a member of the Litigation Practice Group at Severson & Werson. "We needed an efficient means of leveraging our knowledge of the facts by pulling together documents based on examples and concepts we had already identified amidst the large amount of e-mails we had to review. We also had the need for secure collaboration with multiple offices and multiple parties that required access to the case information."

With Relativity, Severson & Werson:

--  Completed the review quickly -- A team of attorneys from multiple offices
    reviewed, classified and analyzed relevant emails within 10 days.
--  Reduced legal costs by 50% -- The firm only used half of the $100,000 e-
    discovery budget, saving the client $50,000 in review costs alone.
--  Securely supported a dispersed review team -- With hosting provided by
    e-Discovery consultant Evolve Discovery,  attorneys in two different
    offices, as well as experts, vendors, witnesses and representatives from
    the client, could securely access the system regardless of location.
--  Negotiated a favorable settlement for the client -- The attorneys found
    the critical documents and e-mails needed to negotiate a favorable

"By taking advantage of Relativity Analytics' ability to quickly pull together similar documents based on key examples, Severson earned its client a favorable settlement and saved them potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars," said Shamir Colloff, CTO, Evolve Discovery. "Without the benefit of Relativity's concept search capabilities, Severson would never have gained the early insight into the case that they needed to solve this matter quickly."

About Relativity

Relativity is a powerful, yet easy-to-use litigation support platform that is winning converts among the world's biggest firms. Its innovative Relativity Analytics feature set uses advanced mathematical modeling to identify where ideas and concepts intersect within documents providing powerful text analytic capabilities such as clustering similar documents together, quick identification of documents with the same content, conceptual keyword sampling, automatic tagging of documents by user-defined issues, detecting the primary language of a document, and the elimination of many of the challenges inherent in keyword searching. Relativity Analytics allows reviewers to make bulk decisions and assignments based on conceptually similar document groups. These features provide Relativity with the power to handle the industry's largest and most complex reviews.

About kCura

kCura are the developers of the e-discovery software Relativity. Relativity is a web-based application servicing the analysis, review and production stages of the EDRM. kCura helps corporations and law firms with e-discovery challenges by installing Relativity on-premises, as well as providing hosted on-demand solutions through a global network of partners in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. For more information about Relativity, contact kCura Corporation at or visit

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