MILPITAS, CA--(Marketwire - December 15, 2009) - JDSU (NASDAQ: JDSU) (TSX: JDU) today announced it is a technology provider of 3D solutions for the Dolby® 3D Digital Cinema system that delivers the most vibrant color, startling depth and amazing clarity to movie goers. Audiences can experience the premium quality of Dolby 3D Digital Cinema this week at the release of the greatly anticipated James Cameron movie "Avatar."

For nearly 5 years, JDSU has worked closely with Dolby on both the design and production of the Dolby 3D glasses and Dolby 3D color filter wheel that contains JDSU's leading optical coating technology.

JDSU's collaboration with Dolby reflects "JDSU from a Different View," a new marketing campaign designed to showcase how JDSU provides a wide range of technologies that impact people's every day lives in many areas such as entertainment, consumer electronics, commerce, medicine and communications.

"Dolby 3D Digital Cinema isn't anything like the 3D movies of the past, it truly is an immersive experience," said Jim Monroe, senior director of Corporate Marketing & Communications at JDSU. "JDSU's cinematic collaboration with Dolby is one of many efforts that reflect the new JDSU -- a diversified technology company that provides compelling and cutting-edge technology that impacts people's daily lives."

Since the launch of Dolby 3D Digital Cinema with the opening of Paramount Pictures' "Beowulf" in 2007, JDSU and Dolby have worked together to evolve the technology that delivers the ultimate 3D experience. The full spectrum color filter wheel captures light from a digital movie projector before an image is formed, delivering stable and sharp images without distortion, and provides a premium 3D image to every seat in the house.

The color filter wheel is also designed to retract out of the light path inside the projector so theatre owners have the flexibility to show 2D movies in the same auditorium. In addition, the Dolby 3D glasses are environmentally friendly and designed for repeated use to reduce the cost per view for theatre owners.

"Dolby has a history of ensuring that movie-goers experience a movie exactly as its director intended, first with surround sound and now with the premium viewing experience of Dolby 3D Digital Cinema," said John Carey, Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Products and Services, Dolby Laboratories. "JDSU's optical coating technology helps us to transport the picture off the screen with dramatic realism in a way that brings movies to life and makes them more fun."

"To see JDSU optical technology in action, all you have to do is visit your local theater that is equipped with Dolby 3D Digital Cinema," said Markus Bilger, Optical Coatings product manager for the AOT business segment at JDSU. "JDSU optical coating technology is also used for lighting at concerts, as a special coating to protect spacecraft, and on laptops and LCD TVs to prevent glare and overheating. JDSU technology is around you every day."

How JDSU 3D Cinema Technology Works

Theaters equipped with Dolby 3D Digital Cinema have a JDSU color filter wheel coated with JDSU optical coating technology that spins at a very high rate of speed within a digital movie projector. The coated lens in the filter wheel alternates between two different sets of colors and rapidly switches images back and forth to the viewer's right and left eye at about 6 times for each frame in a movie.

Movie-goers wear Dolby 3D glasses coated with JDSU optical coating technology that let in the appropriate light to the left and right eye after the light reflects off of the screen. As the viewer looks through both lenses simultaneously, the different wavelengths merge together to create realistic depth perception and color that make the 3D experience come to life.

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