NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - December 15, 2009) - Nomadesk, the easiest and most secure on-demand file sharing software, today was named a Bell Certified Solution. This certification is part of Nomadesk's ongoing global initiative to partner with leading wireless providers. Under the agreement, Bell Canada will begin offering its SOHO and SMB customers access to Nomadesk's cloud computing technology, which allows users to share, synchronize, encrypt, backup and store important documents with as many team members as needed. The service includes virtual file servers that give users online and offline access to their data from anywhere, any computer or mobile phone, and at anytime.

"We have rigorously tested Nomadesk on Bell Mobility's networks and devices and are excited to offer this innovative cloud computing technology to our customer base. Nomadesk will bring our customers new and secure ways to share files and documents in order to boost efficiency of all team members," said Chris Hubbell, Partner Solution Manager, Bell Mobility. "With Nomadesk's scalability, we will be able to reduce our customers' infrastructure costs and dramatically boost their agility."

Millions of people risk losing their unprotected, critical data every day. As the amount of unprotected data stored on multiple devices increases, it becomes harder to synchronize and easier to lose. Keeping data secure, synchronized, backed up and available can be expensive and require in-house IT expertise. Whether customers are online or offline, working at the office or on the road, the Nomadesk service allows business teams to secure, sync and share data with no limits or change in behavior. Each virtual file server acts just like a hard drive, storing important documents in one place with local and remote access from a PC, Mac or iPhone. Users simply drag and drop their docs into a virtual file server, and files are immediately encrypted, backed up and available for file sharing.

Nomadesk CEO Filip Tack said: "We are proud to be named a Bell Certified Solution. Nomadesk is the very first on-demand file sharing and synchronization solution to receive this kind of certification. Bell Canada will be marketing Nomadesk to millions of its SMB and SOHO customers. We believe this initiative will spark many similar partnerships with other leading wireless companies looking to bolster their service offering."

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With U.S. headquarters in New York City, Nomadesk is a leading provider of on-demand file sharing software that enables digital nomads or geographically dispersed professionals to easily share, sync, encrypt, backup and store files from any location, whether online or offline. Bringing the power of cloud computing to small businesses, Nomadesk alleviates the hassles and minimizes the high costs of traditional document management solutions, as well as online storage pay-per-user models. For only $15 per month per file server, an unlimited number of team members can access, share and save docs with unlimited* storage capacity. In addition, TheftGuard™ provides advanced tracking and allows users to spot a stolen or misplaced device on Google Maps and remotely shred all important documents. Click here to download a free 30-day trial. To learn more about Nomadesk, visit, become a Nomadesk fan or hear how Nomadesk is helping some of our customers.

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