CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - December 17, 2009) - Combine award-winning product designers with a revolutionary digital 3D tattoo process and the world's best progressive artists and what do you get? You get Uncommon. A breakthrough in the future of personalization, Uncommon ( launches today, empowering the world to turn its premium "blank canvas" accessories into self-expressive masterpieces. Uncommon's first blank canvas offering is the sleekest, most durable, twin-shot iPhone case on the market, obsessively designed and engineered to make your precious look and feel its best. Tired of boring cases and cheap looking stickers? The future of customization is here. The future of customization is here and if you place your order by Monday, December 21st you can have an uncommonly unique Christmas.

Uncommon provides the canvas. You provide the inspiration.™

Born from the insight that everyone wants something unique in our ever-homogenizing world, Uncommon designed and developed their 3D TATT™ (Thermo-Active Transdermal Technology) printing process and an uncommonly simple online customizer. The result is a new experience that allows limitless self-expression by wrapping the image of your choice completely around the product, embedding the ink deep into the product's skin much like a tattoo. Permanent and personal.

Founded by designers to support artists and the creative in everyone, Uncommon partners with more than 150 of the world's top progressive artists including David Ellis, Grotesk, MQ, and Phunk Studio, as well as esteemed brands such as Juxtapoz, Slap and Thrasher. Designers and artists can also answer the call for entries by joining the Uncommon Community and submitting their art for the opportunity to be included in the galleries, earning royalties on every case sold with their artwork. So whether you select art from the Uncommon gallery of renowned artists and brands or upload your own imagery, Uncommon will donate 2% of all profits towards the pursuit of the arts and arts education. Show the world how uncommon you really are.

"We were tired of playing by everyone else's rules. It sucked. We created Uncommon so that we could do whatever we wanted. Now we are giving you the power to do whatever you want. That is Uncommon," says Scott Wilson, Uncommon Brand Director and Co-Founder. "Constant compromise, design by committee and lame reasons on why you can't do things ultimately lead to consumer dissatisfaction. We knew that offering the best technology, product design, customization experience and, most of all, following our instincts would lead to a strong creative community and brand love."

Uncommon's first products are the ultra-slim protective iPhone and iPod Touch Capsule Cases and BlackBerry Storm 2 Trooper Case (all $39.95), with MacBook and BlackBerry Curve cases, watches and other blank canvas objects soon to follow. Supporting our economy, products are customized in the USA and delivered to consumers fast. So go ahead, it's easy to get Uncommon at

About Uncommon

Uncommon designs and manufactures premium personal accessories that consumers can customize with unmatched ease and quality. From collaborations with the world's top progressive artists to our global creative community to your own personal imagery, the choice is yours. We do what no one else can. Our patented Uncommon 3D TATT™ process and online customizer empower users to express themselves in ways never before possible.

We provide the canvas. You provide the inspiration.™

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