BEAVERTON, OR--(Marketwire - December 21, 2009) - HomeGrid Forum today announced that the growing standard for wired home networking was honored by two leading industry publications. In their 2009 year-end issues, Electronic Design praised for its efforts to consolidate the various fragmented home networking standards into one common worldwide format, and Embedded Computing Design awarded the technology with the "Deep Green Editor's Choice" award for its ability to efficiently connect homes using existing wires. These awards reaffirm the growing support for as the next-generation standard for wired home networking while also recognizing its support for Smart Grid applications.

In its annual Best Electronic Design issue, Electronic Design also praised HomeGrid Forum for delivering on the promise of seamless home networking. According to Louis E. Frenzel, communications editor at Electronic Design, is a technology "that all designers can agree upon and use to work toward everyone's benefit. This innovative new standard will also co-exist with the multiple technologies that have been competing in this space for the past several years."

Embedded Computing Design bestowed its Deep Green Editor Choice award on because it is "creating greener places" through environmentally friendly design. Don Dingee, editorial director, selected the standard for making an impact on a bigger scale than just a single product. "The reality is that most homes are wired with coax, phone, or power cables, so a home networking standard that comprehends the Smart Grid on an international scale is both timely and practical."

"In the past year, has emerged as the next-generation standard for the wired home network thanks to the many contributions from HomeGrid Forum and ITU-T member companies around the world," said Matthew Theall, president of HomeGrid Forum. "It's an honor to win the Deep Green Editor's Choice designation from Embedded Computing Design, and gain the recognition of Electronic Design."


The members of the ITU-T's Rapporteur Group are creating a specification for a single MAC/PHY technology which can run over coaxial cable, phone lines, or power lines. Through one worldwide standard, will unify the networking of content and devices over any of these wires. With it, service providers will be able to deploy new offerings including IPTV more cost effectively. Consumer electronics manufacturers will be able to provide powerful devices for connecting all types of entertainment, home automation, and security products throughout the house. Smart Grid devices such as smart electricity meters, heating and air conditioning systems, electrical appliances and lighting systems will also benefit from the reliability, security and low-power consumption provided by the standard. participants include service providers, consumer electronics and information technology manufacturers, and component and intellectual property providers from around the world.

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