LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - January 6, 2010) - CES -, the world's first truly multilingual and multicultural social network, today announced the addition of real-time chat translation to the rich media experience they provide to their global user community. Consisting of a broad international audience, including expatriate communities, XIHA members can chat with friends and family across the globe in over 40 languages, adding a new dimension to the cross-cultural XIHA experience. XIHA multilingual chat features video streaming, allowing any number of participants to share a video with the chat room using web cams.

"In an age of global connections, our multilingual chat takes social networking to the next level. Our users can now reach across language barriers to instantly connect with others throughout the world," explained Jani Penttinen, CEO and co-founder of XIHA Life. "The multilingual chat will further unify XIHA's diverse user base."

The multilingual chat ( allows one-on-one chat as well as multi-user chat rooms with real-time translations. With the real-time translation feature, users can toggle the translations on and off at any time, and the text can be translated on the fly to and from any of the supported 40+ languages by all participants in the chat room. The original text is always shown, and the translation appears below, making it a great tool for those trying to learn a new language. Users also do not have to be online to keep the chat alive. Users can log off and return to the chat upon their next log in and be able to translate any old or new topics of discussion. XIHA allows for discussions with users from all over the world, each chatting in their own language, while understanding what the others say.

About XIHA Life

XIHA Life ( brings people of the world together in the first truly multilingual social network. Users select as many languages as they want, and XIHA recognizes and filters the languages, allowing simultaneous cross-cultural communication. Users create blogs and homepages, try to buy games, and link to other social media. Features such as XIHA Music give users an easy way to learn about other cultures. XIHA users live in over 200 countries, with no country accounting for more than about five percent of total traffic. XIHA is based in Sunnyvale, California, Switzerland and Finland.

Contact Information: Contact info: Terpin Communications for XIHA Life +1 (415) 595-2030