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Cliqset Goes Live With Latest Release of Real-Time Community

File Sharing, Groups, and Customized Streams Enhance Real-Time Sharing, Discovering, and Discussion

JACKSONVILLE, FL--(Marketwire - January 6, 2010) - Today, Cliqset introduced a new set of features that builds on their vision to revolutionize the way users share, discover, and discuss content online.

The latest version of Cliqset features file sharing functionality (music, podcasts, PDFs, and Microsoft Office documents), as well as powerful new tools (streams) to organize your friends' online activities, and greater collaboration through group creation. A new Cliqset Firefox extension provides a fast and stylish way to read and share interesting Web content found by you and those you follow.

In past months, Cliqset has quickly been evolving, integrating user feedback and consistently developing new features that reinvent the way users connect with each other. The latest release includes:

-- File Sharing: Users will be able to upload and share files with other Cliqset users as part of the real-time activity stream - Share dozens of file types, including MP3s, PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, and more.

-- Customized Streams: Users can now organize content from the people they're following into real-time 'streams' of information. Streams make it easy to filter through the noise and provide you with the information you care about from the people you're following.

-- New Groups Functionality: Groups enable users to come together around commonalities (hobbies, clubs, companies, file sharing) and consume, create, and collaborate in public or private topical, real-time conversations.

-- New Firefox Extension: This alternative Cliqset view, embedded on the browser interface, enables users to stay connected to their friends' bookmarked links and quickly share compelling content they discover while surfing the Web. The extension is available for download at

-- Enhanced Adobe AIR Desktop Application: With a new design, the Cliqset desktop client makes it easier to organize information shared by your friends, family, and the other people you follow on Cliqset. The desktop application is available for download at

-- Integration with 10 new services, including some of the most popular social services in Europe and Asia.

"At Cliqset, we are committed to improving the way people share, discover, and discuss online. The latest features build on this vision, introducing endless possibilities for people to engage with their content on Cliqset and across the Web. With the new file sharing feature, we're envisioning great ways to socialize content that normally doesn't have a platform for discussion to take place around it," said Darren Bounds, president and co-founder of Cliqset. "We want to create a space where people can consume and discuss information the way they want to, and extend that experience to non-traditional content and non-traditional places online."

About Cliqset

Cliqset is a real-time community that makes it easy for people to share, discover, and discuss content with friends from around the Web. Cliqset is privately held and based in Jacksonville, Florida. For more information, please visit:

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