LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - January 6, 2010) - Beamz Interactive, an interactive music products company, today launched ShadowBeamz, a fun, new game to play on the Beamz Interactive Music System at CES Booth #4925 in Las Vegas. The Beamz is a dynamic, fun, free-flowing musical instrument that anyone can play. ShadowBeamz builds a music gaming component into the Beamz to add a whole new dimension to the Beamz experience. ShadowBeamz gets users more engaged and elevates their comfort level and proficiency with the Beamz, while adding the competitive spirit of a fun musical game. ShadowBeamz can be downloaded for free. Both are available at

The Beamz, which cost $199.95 and is powered by a computer through a USB port, is an intriguing interactive musical instrument for the whole family, and can be played simply regardless of musical background or experience. The instrument consists of a base, a w-shaped stand containing six red lasers, and easy-to-install software that loads 30 free, pre-recorded original Beamz song tracks ranging from hip-hop, Latin, blues, reggae, country, jazz, rock, and classical onto your computer. By passing your hands through the laser beams, you begin to trigger streams of musical notes to play with the programmed song tracks you select. Each beam controls a different, pre-programmed instrument, rhythm or sound, which works harmoniously with any of the pre-selected songs. There are over a hundred different songs, including original, top hits and kids songs, for purchase at the Beamz music library. Beamz software also includes the option to easily record your music performances -- making your own songs for playback as a WAV or Windows Media File.

"Based on the success of music games such as GuitarHero™ and RockBand™, which have proven to elevate the desire for players to want to learn how to play an instrument, we saw a big opportunity to take the fun, competitive gaming component and added that element into the Beamz experience," said Beamz CEO Charles Mollo. "By bridging a gaming module with our easy-to-play interactive music instrument, we have a natural evolution for the music gamer who wants to instantly be able to recreationally play an instrument."

ShadowBeamz features three different skill levels, so players can compete with themselves or other players, and save and compare their high scores. After mastering a song, you will advance to a harder song until promoted to the next skill level. Future gaming modules being developed for the Beamz will incorporate more complex ways to break the beams and mimic other players. Original songs composed for the Beamz and used in the ShadowBeamz game are composed to always sound harmonious.

"I've had a blast creating some really slammin' bass and drum loops for the new ShadowBeamz game," said Hard Rocker David Ellefson. "ShadowBeamz offers yet another way for people to listen, jam and interact with their favorite genre of music. It elevated the Beamz to a cool recreational gaming peripheral that engages people of all skill levels to be able to create and play music. Between the affordable price and the versatile uses for the Beamz, every home should have one. It's great fun for the whole family!"

About Beamz

Based in Scottsdale, AZ, Beamz Interactive, Inc. is an interactive music products company that develops innovative musical instruments and music software to enable people of all ages and skill levels to play music. Its premier product, the Beamz, is an affordable new musical instrument that allows people to make music by simply passing their hands through any of the six laser beams that each trigger different streams of musical notes and sounds. Beamz players can access over a hundred songs, both originals and top hits, for inspiration to create their own music. Beginners and children can play with ease, while more experienced musicians will be amazed at its limitless possibilities to arrange, compose, produce and record music. Powered by a computer through a USB port, the Beamz is easy to install and begin using -- reading music is not required. Beamz Studio software, a tool that gives users the ability to compose interactive music with the Beamz, is included with Beamz Professional at no extra charge along with a DLS collection of unique Beamz music clips. Beamz Interactive's technology portfolio includes multiple patents, patents pending and trade secrets covering interactive music, software, laser-based controllers, gaming applications, and related designs and devices. Beamz products can be purchased through Check out the Beamz video to see how it works or view the Beamz video gallery.

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