The illegal strike by the Finnish Aviation Union and exceptional European
weather conditions have caused significant difficulties for air traffic and
particularly for flight passengers. The costs arising from cancellations and
delays to Finnair flights have  totalled around 12 million euros. Traffic is
getting back to normal, considering the weather conditions. 
At the beginning of December, baggage personnel held a four-day illegal strike,
leading to baggage being handled by temporary labour. The strike and the
disruptions prior to the normalisation of the situation caused Finnair nearly
seven million euros in losses. 
Furthermore, air traffic was disrupted by large snowfalls in Central Europe and
Finland at Christmas and New Year. 

"The disruptions have caused many problems for our customers, for which we are
truly sorry," says Deputy Chief Executive Officer Lasse Heinonen. 

The exceptionally problematic weather conditions in Europe have cost Finnair
more than five million euros to date.