LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - January 28, 2010) - An innovative company has forged a creative path to assist businesses withstand and even prosper over the financial whirlwind that has visited this nation. The company is Holiday Systems International (HSI) and the path is a White Labeled (Private Branded) program that offers businesses the opportunity to realize tremendous discount travel savings and unmatched products and services for their customers. This program is available exclusively to select national and international businesses and has already proven to translate into real dollars added to their bottom lines.

Every business, large or small, has customers and clients who travel at some time or another. In light of the tight economy, customers will appreciate and remember anyone who can help them save money. The addition of HSI's Private Branded program to existing businesses: (1) results in increased sales; (2) expands business offerings with previously unavailable high-end products and services; (3) enhances customer loyalty, and therefore, customer retention; (4) attracts new customers; and (4) fosters an on-going stream of return/repeat business.

Accolades about HSI's Private Branded program continue to pour in from businesses using HSI. Tens of thousands of new customers are walking through those businesses' doors and those customers are recommending others to do the same. Businesses maximizing the potential of HSI's Private Branded program are realizing increased revenue and, as previously reported, a 26% higher efficiency.

Circumstances now mandate that service provider diversity prevail in order to mitigate the risks of future failures. HSI's Private Branded program is one vehicle that can be used to attain service provider diversity. When you include the facts that HSI's Private Branded program offers products and services previously unavailable to businesses with HSI's extensive experience in the industry, you have a clear formula for success, and a positive stimulus affecting the greater national economy.

The implementation of HSI's Private Branded program by participating businesses and the utilization of HSI's services by their customers create a ripple effect. Customers who previously could not afford to travel are now spending money, not only for travel expenses but for items and services related to preparation for travel.

This rippling effect has the potential to be unending and can stimulate the currently economy, steering it toward a positive, healthy status.

About Holiday Systems International

Holiday Systems International (HSI) was founded in 1993 by still President and CEO, Craig Morganson. Mr. Morganson is a long-time Trustee Member of ARDA and is a leader in the Vacation Ownership industry. HSI provides cutting-edge technology, high-end exclusive products and has a 16-year history of delivering the industry's best customer service.

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