ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - January 28, 2010) - Franchise Direct ( has enhanced its reputation as one of the internet's top resources for franchising data with the release of its definitive study on food franchising. The world-leading franchise portal has just released six new reports on various food franchise sectors. Combined with its 2009 reports on pizza, ice cream and coffee franchising, Franchise Direct has now produced the internet's most comprehensive and insightful examination of food franchising, which is by far the most popular franchise sector.

These reports are essential reading for entrepreneurs. We have seen franchising inspire economies out of the doldrums in the past and many people in America and beyond who consider franchising decide to open restaurants. The global popularity of franchising has been led, by and large, by the food business. Since the 1950s, the likes of McDonald's, Subway and Dominos have shown that a cleverly-branded restaurant with a popular, marketable product can become hugely popular. Hundreds of thousands of restaurants around the world of all shapes, sizes and cuisines are now franchised.

Now Franchise Direct has issued an assessment of the state of food franchising. They have broken the industry into a number of sub-divisions and published brand-new studies on full service, fast food, fast casual, retail, health food and take-out and delivery food franchises. These reports are based on the Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) of numerous franchises in each sector, plus some additional scholarship. Added with their previous reports on food franchising, Franchise Direct can now help entrepreneurs educate themselves on every single strand of the industry.

These reports will give you all of the important information you'll need before investing in a food franchise. You'll find up-to-date financial statistics on each sector, plus reporting on the rise of the health food restaurant and the enduring popularity of retail food distribution. There is also invaluable franchise-specific economic data taken from FDDs that will tell you how many franchises are currently faring.

All entrepreneurs are told to do their homework before purchasing a franchise. Franchise Direct's exclusive food reports take the hassle out of this research and make finding out about food franchising easier than ever before. Many people will choose to open a restaurant of some sort when purchasing their first franchise. Read Franchise Direct's food franchise reports before making that crucial investment and find the guidance you need for franchise success.

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