SANTA BARBARA, CA--(Marketwire - January 28, 2010) - As Seen Everywhere makes its official debut this week, bringing direct response marketers the industry's first fully-integrated multi-channel pay-per-performance online exchange. Designed for marketers, media and agencies alike, As Seen Everywhere serves as a one-stop, risk-free, revenue-generating platform for managing multi-channel pay-per-performance DR campaigns.

"For the first time, As Seen Everywhere puts DR campaigns on every media platform simultaneously -- giving marketers an unprecedented reach in their pay-per-performance advertising. At the same time, media can generate revenues from other channels of distribution. As Seen Everywhere allows all constituents of a direct response campaign to benefit as they never could before," said Trygve Duryea, president and CEO of As Seen Everywhere.

For direct marketers, As Seen Everywhere provides a risk-free multi-channel reach for DR campaigns, encompassing four separate 'master media' channels of campaign exposure -- television and radio spots, print advertising and online -- along with ten added revenue channels: Website, e-mail, mobile phone integration, banner advertising, YouTube, outbound, social media, billboard, blogs and search engines.

For media, the company is a fast, effective and efficient one-stop resource for the best in proven DR opportunities, matching direct response marketers with media outlets seeking the DR campaigns that will generate commission revenues. The company's exclusive multiple platform approach gives media a unique opportunity to earn commissions from other participating channels of media never before available to them. As Seen Everywhere creates dedicated toll-free phone numbers and URLs to capture consumer activity according to each specific campaign and media platform in order to provide real-time transparency for commission accuracy. As Seen Everywhere surrounds its menu of DR campaigns with a wide range of detailed analytics based upon a number of key criteria, including demographics, geographical, psychographics and buying behavior data. The As Seen Everywhere online exchange delivers both long and shortform television campaigns streamed in real-time, radio spots streamed in real time, and print ads and online banners that are immediately displayed.

For advertising agencies, As Seen Everywhere provides a complete campaign management tool to fully service pay-per-performance campaigns on behalf of clients. Agencies can fully track each campaign in real-time to provide feedback to clients at any time.

"Until now, it's been difficult for marketers to place, manage, and measure the performance of their media placements across both online and offline channels," said Jason Spievak, CEO of RingRevenue, the pay-per-call technology provider that powers the As Seen Everywhere platform. "Our technology is designed to address these issues while maximizing distribution and helping marketers achieve their desired ROI. RingRevenue's pay-per-call technology has been adopted by the leading online affiliate networks, who see the opportunity to expand promotions both online and offline. We're excited to be working with As Seen Everywhere to bring these capabilities to the direct marketing space. Now traditional offline marketers can easily expand their efforts online and better track and manage their offline advertising performance and media outlet relationships."

Simple and cost-effective to utilize, As Seen Everywhere requires no technical sophistication yet delivers a new level of revenue-generating opportunities for marketers, media and agencies alike.

To learn more about pay-per-performance DR campaigns or get started today, visit or call 877-241-0352.

About As Seen Everywhere:

As Seen Everywhere is the direct response industry's pioneering pay-per-performance multi-channel online exchange. Powered by RingRevenue (, As Seen Everywhere provides marketers with multiple platforms for campaign exposure, multiple streams of revenue for media and an effective and efficient way for agencies to provide pay-per-performance opportunities for clients. The company is located on the Internet at

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