CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - January 29, 2010) - The Consumer Advocacy Center, P.C., is a Chicago-based, private, for-profit law firm that concentrates in both individual and class action consumer rights cases. It is responsible for bringing consumer rights lawsuits against companies which have resulted in large court-approved awards for numerous Chicago area charities to help them in 2010.

When the Consumer Advocacy Center brings lawsuits on behalf of a group of consumers against companies for alleged violations of consumer protection laws, otherwise known as "class actions," and the case is resolved, some of the awarded money goes unclaimed by those that have been violated.

"Instead of giving the money back to the alleged wrongdoer, we think it is important to fight to provide the unclaimed funds to various charitable organizations," notes Lance Raphael, Attorney at Law and founder of the Consumer Advocacy Center, P.C. These legal gifts are called Cy Pres awards, and the charity selected must be approved by the court.

To date, in the first month of this year, the Consumer Advocacy Center has been responsible for procuring charitable contributions or Cy Pres awards of over $150,000.00 and is proud to announce the following awards, among others, approved by the Court in 2009, which have been sent to the following local charities in the following amounts:

-- The Greater Chicago Food Depository: $27,680.49

-- The Posse Foundation, Inc.: $42,150.50

-- CARPLS (Coordinated Advice & Referral Program for Legal Services): $25,000.00

-- The Emergency Fund: $27,680.49

-- Equip for Equality: $28,000.00

-- The Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago: $25,000.00

-- The Chicago Bar Foundation: $25,000.00

-- Rainbows, A Children's Charity: $32,500.00

-- Veterans' Legal Support Clinic at John Marshall Law School: $32,500.00

"We are very pleased to be able help so many organizations at a time when charitable contributions are down. Fighting for the rights of the consumer along with helping fund projects that deliver justice in our city are the driving forces behind our work," adds Mr. Raphael, Attorney at Law for the Center.

The Consumer Advocacy Center P.C. is a private law firm headquartered in Chicago devoted to consumer rights. The Consumer Advocacy Center, P.C. handles many forms of consumer claims on behalf of both individuals and in class actions both in Illinois and across the country. For more information please call 312-782-5808 or visit

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