DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - January 29, 2010) - Dean Evans & Associates, Inc. (, makers of the EMS line of facility scheduling, resource utilization and web calendar products, today announced the completion of an update to their enterprise-level systems. EMS Workplace™ 5.2.1, EMS Campus™ 2.2.1, EMS Enterprise™ 5.2.1 and EMS Legal™ 5.2.1 will be made available for download from their website in the next few days.

"It goes without saying that the ability to access and analyze workplace utilization data is critical to business success, especially for organizations with large real estate portfolios," says Kevin Raasch, executive vice president of Dean Evans & Associates. "This latest release incorporates data drill-down and sorting/filtering/calculating capabilities and combines them with standard reporting functions in ways that make the static printed report alone seem archaic. In the middle of intensive data analysis, a click of the mouse takes you immediately to the source record for an event or item that you have questions on. Another click and you are back to your original task with your questions answered."

Advanced data display controls are also included in the new release. "Browsers and calendars in our products, as well as in the Query Builder custom report generation tool, have a whole new range of functionality made possible by the upgraded controls," says Raasch. "Column grouping, counts, minimum/maximum values, averages, sums, and column addition/removal are just some of the data manipulations that can be performed to help decision makers analyze data from the perspective that is most useful to them."

Other enhancements include:

--  New visitor management functionality including walk-up registration
    and optional badge printing
--  Simplified management of mobile videoconference units
--  The ability to add service order "states" or "process phases" to a
    category like catering (e.g. In Process, Out for Delivery, Delivered, etc.)
--  The option to mark service orders as "Reviewed" and to search for
    Reviewed/Unreviewed orders

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