FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwire - February 1, 2010) - Are you at risk for heart disease? Why not find out? Broward Health is offering free heart screenings in February for American Heart Month.

Heart disease kills nearly one million Americans each year, more than cancer, trauma, pneumonia, influenza and AIDS combined.

"People just wait too long to see a doctor even when the warning signs are there," said Dr. Michael Chizner, Chief Medical Director of The Heart Center of Excellence at Broward Health. "It's important to know your numbers and your risks. A few simple tests can save your life and now, getting them has never been easier."

The Broward Health Swat Team will be on patrol across Broward County during the month of February, conducting screenings at popular sporting events and shopping malls. But don't worry if you miss them, visit or call 954-759-7400 to schedule an appointment for your free heart screening. The screenings include: blood pressure test, BMI (body mass index) and comprehensive cholesterol check (triglycerides, LDL and HDL).

Broward Health is also launching an innovative online project that allows participants to turn their heartbeats into a unique sound that will be added to a map of Broward County. Use this heart song book to start a conversation with a loved one that needs to be checked out. Join the beat at

Heart Healthy Math

In the meantime, here are some lifestyle changes you can engage today that promote heart health. The Heartbeat Team at Broward Health calls it Heart Healthy Math -- some of which you might actually enjoy.

Consider adding these five things to improve your heart health:
1.  Salmon - Loaded with heart healthy Omega 3s that prevent and repair
     damage to cells.
2.  Friendships - Support from good friends and family help us cope with
     stress, a major factor in your heart and overall health.
3.  Oatmeal - Also loaded with heart healthy Omega 3s.
4.  Exercise - Set a goal of 10,000 steps a day to work your heart and
     whittle down your waist.
5.  Sex - People who have sex regularly live longer, tend to be more active
     and report being happier.

Consider subtracting these five things to improve your heart health:
1.  Television/computers - Americans spend an estimated 56 hours in front
     of a screen. Cut that by just 25 percent and realize your goal weight
     by using that time to get physical.
2.  Salt - Raises blood pressure and takes years off your life.  Substitute
     flavorful herbs and spices instead, and stay away from processed foods
     loaded with salt.
3.  Sugar - Sugar makes us want more sugar and carbs which means more
     calories and endless weight gain.
4.  Stress - Identify the biggest stressor in your life and work on that
5.  Fried foods - Loaded with artery clogging fats. Fried and fast foods
     are notoriously packed with heart damaging trans fats.

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