SCHAUMBURG, IL--(Marketwire - February 2, 2010) - Flexera Software™ (, the leading provider of software licensing, entitlement management, installation, and application readiness solutions, today announced an updated version of its FlexNet Producer Suite for High-Tech Manufacturers. Adding new features and capabilities, Flexera Software provides manufacturers a flexible and comprehensive end-to-end solution to differentiate products and drive revenue growth, improve channel management, streamline operations and gain deep insight into the installed base to drive product strategy.

Application software is rapidly becoming an essential part of product differentiation and monetization for high-tech manufacturers, many of which are battling against commoditization of the hardware itself. Increasingly, innovative high-tech manufacturers are viewing their products' application software as valuable assets and managing the software usage strategically. Applications are now the cornerstone of cost-effectively turning on/off capabilities and capacity to drive revenue growth, engaging directly with customers -- even when products are sold through multiple channels -- and managing back-office processes related to entitlement management and customer service.

"While Harmonic's expertise is in manufacturing state-of-the-art video delivery solutions, we realize that the application software in our products will be a strategic differentiator," said Jason Ruppert, Senior Director of Operations, Engineering and Quality at Harmonic. "With the Flexera Software solution we will be able to manage these applications strategically -- from the packaging and enabling of product functionality all the way through to order fulfillment. By partnering with Flexera Software, Harmonic is able to leverage its deep expertise to gain competitive advantage and provide our customers with a great experience while staying focused on what we do best."

The FlexNet Producer Suite for High-Tech Manufacturers boosts the bottom line by providing an end-to-end embedded software licensing and entitlement management solution. The updated Suite includes enhancements that deliver the ability to:

--  Implement new revenue models, such as the ability to add capabilities
    or capacity to a device over time
--  Flexibly price and package functionality and reduce SKUs by enabling
    postponement and configure-to-order processes
--  Increase revenues by measuring channel partner performance, aligning
    incentives and combating the "gray market"
--  Lower operational costs by enabling channel self-service
--  Drive bulk upgrades, up-sells and renewals based on accurate customer
    entitlement data
--  Collect demographic data on customers to drive product strategy

"With the surge in adoption of femtocell technology, comes intense pressure to be flexible to our customers' varying needs. Femtocells look like hardware products but the sophistication and strategic differentiation is in our embedded Femto-Engine software. It is therefore vital for us to be able to customize the capabilities of Femto-Engine to meet each customer's specific requirements," said Keith Day, Vice President of Marketing at Ubiquisys. "The benefits of secure and scalable software licensing solutions from the market leader, Flexera Software, are that Ubiquisys gains competitive advantage by offering our customers the most innovative solutions on the market."

The FlexNet Producer Suite for High-Tech Manufacturers includes:

--  FlexNet Embedded -- differentiate products and unlock revenue without
    adding to manufacturing costs by using electronic licensing to turn
    capabilities or capacity on and off
--  FlexNet Connect -- keep connected to users by electronically delivering
    applications, updates, and messages directly to their systems
--  FlexNet Operations -- grow revenues by quickly creating product
    configurations to meet market demands; cutting operational costs by
    automating the generation, fulfillment, and activation of entitlements;
    and improving customer satisfaction by providing a consistent
    experience and a 24/7 self-service web portal for your end users
--  FlexNet Delivery On-Demand -- electronic software delivery to reduce
    fulfillment costs, streamline export compliance processes and protect
    maintenance revenues
--  FlexNet Publisher -- increase revenue and protect software with
    flexible hardware and software licensing and advanced security

"High-tech manufacturers are faced with incredible market pressures to innovate at an increasingly rapid pace. Flexera Software helps manufacturers change the game with the strategic use of software applications, enabling innovation in pricing, packaging, customer interaction and operations," said Randy Littleson, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Flexera Software.

The updated versions of FlexNet Embedded, FlexNet Connect, FlexNet Publisher and FlexNet Operations will be generally available globally on February 2, 2010.

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