SANTIAGO, CHILE--(Marketwire - February 2, 2010) - Banco de Chile (NYSE: BCH), a full service Chilean financial institution, market leader in a wide variety of credit and non-credit products and services across all segments of the Chilean financial market, today announced its results for the fourth quarter and year ended December 31, 2009. Figures are expressed in nominal terms, unless otherwise stated. Estimates have been used to apply International Financial Reporting Standards to 2008 figures (See annex A -- 2008 IFRS Restatements).


--  Despite the financial turmoil experienced throughout the global banking
    system, during 2009 the Chilean financial system demonstrated its
    excellent policies on solvency, liquidity and risk management. Banco de
    Chile (hereafter "the Bank") also proved its leadership in the local
    industry by focusing on a sustainable growth, suitable capital
    management, quality service, productivity, and cost control policy.
--  Net income for the year reached Ch$257,885 million, 25.8% below 2008
    IFRS comparable figure. ROAE reached 17.6% during 2009, a decrease from
    25.1% recorded during the previous year. This drop in profitability is
    explained by transitory economic factors which led to a record breaking
    deflationary period with exceptionally low monetary interest rates. In
    spite of this, we outperformed the Chilean financial system, which
    posted an average ROAE of 15.03% during the year.
--  On a QoQ basis, our net income reached Ch$66,659 million in the 4Q09,
    slightly below the 3Q09 and 4Q08 figures. Similarly, ROAE reached 17.4%
    in the 4Q09, below the 18.6% and 18.9% recorded in the 4Q08 and 3Q09,
--  During 4Q09, the Bank posted a QoQ growth of 4.62% in loan volumes,
    which reversed the negative trend observed during 1H09, improving the
    Bank's market share by 41 bp. as compared to 3Q09.
--  The Bank continued a downward trend in risk during the quarter, posting
    a ratio of past due loans to total loans of 0.68%, down from the peak
    of 0.77% recorded in 2Q09, and only 8 bp. above the 4Q08 figure. The
    Bank closed the period with a healthy allowance for loan losses to past
    due loans coverage ratio of 360%, well above the banking system's
--  The Bank's Board of Directors have decided to propose at the next
    ordinary shareholders meeting the distribution and payment of a
    dividend equal to Ch$3.496813 per common share (Ch$2,098.01/ADS), which
    represents 100% of the Bank's 2009 distributable earnings (see page 3
    for more detail).

Banco de Chile's Fourth Quarter 2009 Financial Results Press Release:

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About Banco de Chile:

Banco de Chile is a full service Chilean financial institution, market leader in a wide variety of credit and non-credit products and services across all segments of the Chilean financial market.


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    in Chile or changes in general economic or business conditions in Latin
--  changes in capital markets in general that may affect policies or
    attitudes toward lending to Chile or Chilean companies;
--  unexpected developments in certain existing litigation;
--  increased costs;
--  unanticipated increases in financing and other costs or the inability
    to obtain additional debt or equity financing on attractive terms.

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