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What:  Two new resources are available to help engineers keep pace with the
       latest in LXI technology for switching systems, ATE systems, and
       other test instruments:

         -- Article: LXI vs. PXI in Switching Applications. A new article
            by David Owen of Pickering Interfaces was published in the
            January 2010 issue of Evaluation Engineering magazine. The
            article has case histories and gives selection advice on the
            two most common platforms for switching systems, PCI
            eXtensions for Instrumentation (PXI) and LAN eXtensions for
            Instrumentation (LXI). Larger switching systems, particularly
            matrices, are more easily accommodated by the unrestricted
            size of an LXI instrument than by one or more PXI or
            VXI modules. Especially for a matrix that is intended to
            operate as a single unit, splitting the hardware among several
            chassis makes programming awkward, and the additional external
            electrical connections adversely affect high-frequency

         -- Webcast: How to Create Advanced ATE Systems with LXI - Building
            on the Industry's Best Practices. This recently archived
            webcast is moderated by Rick Nelson, Editor in Chief, Test &
            Measurement World and EDN. What are the advantages of putting
            test systems online? What is the difference between LAN
            (Local Area Network) and LXI (LAN eXtensions for
            Instrumentation) instruments? How does LXI work with my
            existing equipment? This webcast answers these questions with
            help from a distinguished panel from the LXI Consortium.

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