VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwire - February 2, 2010) - ActiveState, the dynamic languages experts, today launched ActiveState Business Edition, commercial-grade language distributions for Perl, Python and Tcl, providing organizations open source compliance, commercial support, and cross-platform access.

"ActiveState has been a leading contributor in the open source community for years," said Bart Copeland, President and CEO, ActiveState. "With the launch of Business Edition, we can help companies deploying Perl, Python and Tcl in their business-critical applications, ensure open source policy compliance, minimize downtime and accelerate productivity cost-effectively. ActiveState's deep technical expertise is focused on keeping client systems, powered by dynamic languages, running smoothly, and making sure clients are in compliance with their open source policies."

ActiveState Business Edition integrates commercial Perl, Python and Tcl support with access to platform builds and repositories for AIX, Solaris and HP-UX, as well as to older versions across all platforms. ActiveState Business Edition is ideal for finance, aerospace & defense, and government organizations that have deployments of Perl, Python or Tcl in business-critical applications.

"As mainstream use of the open source dynamic languages continues to grow in social media applications, business-critical applications and cloud computing, the availability of SLA support and clean commercial licensing becomes more and more important," said Greg Olson, senior partner at Olliance Group. "ActiveState's new Business Edition now delivers its proven commercial-grade solutions for enterprises in a package that meets the needs of small to medium businesses as well."

ActiveState Business Edition Benefits:

--  Guarantee commercial-grade open source support: By enlisting
    ActiveState's commercial support, companies are guaranteed a swift,
    knowledgeable response from ActiveState's in-house experts who are
    active contributors to the projects they support.
--  Keep intellectual property safe: Many companies do not want to
    broadcast via mailing lists what open source projects they are using.
    They prefer to keep their identities private.
--  Get deep dynamic language expertise at minimal cost: ActiveState has
    decades of combined experience and provides customers expertise at a
    fraction of the cost of hiring full-time experts.
--  Free up precious development time to focus on your core competencies:
    ActiveState's pre-built, pre-tested, pre-packaged builds allow
    customers to focus on what they do best. Customers find that their
    production and innovation increases radically when using ActiveState
    commercial and enterprise-grade dynamic language distributions.
--  Ensure maximum uptime for business-critical applications: Dynamic
    languages are in the foundation of a wide range of business-critical
    applications. ActiveState offers expert advice and central point of
    contact if issues arise.

ActiveState Business Edition Features:

ActiveState Business Edition offers clients exclusive access to builds and repositories not available in ActiveState's Community Edition, including:

--  Exclusive access to AIX, Solaris, HP-UX platform builds and
    repositories: ActiveState Business Edition for ActivePerl, ActivePython
    and ActiveTcl provides exclusive access to quality assured builds and
    repositories for AIX, Solaris and HP-UX, in addition to Linux, Windows
    and Mac OS X.
--  Access to older versions across all platforms: While ActiveState
    Business Edition for ActivePerl, ActivePython and ActiveTcl offers
    organizations the newest and most secure releases, customer IT
    environments periodically rely on previous versions. ActiveState offers
    access to older versions of dynamic language and can upgrade when a
    customer needs it. Some clients use ActiveState to test products
    against any release version as well.
--  Fast and easy management of AIX, Solaris, HP-UX modules: Along with
    exclusive access to AIX, Solaris and HP-UX modules, customers receive
    access to the package manager for ActivePerl, ActivePython and
    ActiveTcl (PPM, PyPM and Teapot respectively). These package managers
    simplify the job of finding and installing pre-built language modules
    or extensions, saving time and effort.

ActiveState Business Edition pricing is based on language and number of servers at $999/server/year.

Additional resources:

--  A slide presentation about ActiveState Business Edition is available
--  Join ActiveState on Twitter: @ActiveState
--  Look for ActiveState at PyCon in Atlanta in February at booth #107

About ActiveState

ActiveState, the dynamic languages company, is the world leader in enabling companies to develop, manage, and distribute applications with dynamic languages -- from mission-critical applications to open source projects. ActiveState's development tools, commercial-grade language distributions, commercial support, indemnification, and OEM solutions accelerate productivity, minimize risk, eliminate complexity, and ensure compliance with use and distribution of dynamic languages. With a focus on Perl, Python, Tcl and web languages, a strong community of 2 million developers and 97% of the Fortune 1000 rely on ActiveState, including technology, finance, aerospace, and government organizations such as Cisco, CA, Hewlett-Packard, Bank of America, Siemens, Lockheed Martin.

Contact Information: Contact: ActiveState 303.462.3057