JACKSONVILLE, FL--(Marketwire - February 4, 2010) - Cliqset, the place to share, discover, and discuss content from everywhere on the Web, today announced integration with the popular multi-platform information capturing tool, Evernote.

With this integration, users of Cliqset and Evernote can now archive social content, like photos, status updates, reviews, blog posts, videos, music, documents and anything they want to remember or save, to their Evernote account, and be able to organize it in a centralized location, and access it anytime from their computer or mobile device.

Over the last few months, Cliqset has continued to evolve by consistently developing new features that help people filter through the noise and consume the social stream the way they want to. This unique integration with Evernote is giving users an exciting new way to build their social memory by being able to select social content, organize it and save it for a later date to read or remember. Cliqset's Evernote integration enables users to:

-- Discover and organize their social content for access on-the-go, at home or in the office;

-- Organize and tag social content as they choose, creating a synchronized portfolio of important information from across the Web;

-- Easily search for, find and remember that note, picture, news article or blog post in their notebook for a project, trip, to-do list or any other archiving need;

-- Share more information to Evernote from a variety of online environments, including the Cliqset AIR app, Firefox extension and bookmarklet.

"Evernote has changed the way people think about organizing, archiving and documenting their lives and the Cliqset integration gives users another way to capture great content," said Darren Bounds, president and co-founder of Cliqset. "As online content increases, Cliqset is helping people filter through the social activity of pretty much everything that's online and consume it the way they want to, and with our Evernote integration, we're creating a way to capture that information and save it for later."

"We're excited by our partnership with Cliqset because it's a great example of how Evernote can be used to help people remember everything," said Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote. "Cliqset makes it easy for people to find, share and discuss content from around the social Web, and with the Evernote integration anything from their activity streams can be saved, synced and always accessible."

Evernote's multi-platform tool is already utilized by more than two million people, allowing users to capture information in nearly any environment or on whatever device or platform they choose -- Web, Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm Pre or Windows Mobile phone, among others. Evernote makes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere, synchronizing it across all devices and making notes and memories available wherever, whenever.

Sign up for Evernote at: http://www.evernote.com

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Cliqset makes it easy for people to share, discover, and discuss content from everywhere on the Web. Cliqset helps you filter through the activity, like status updates, reviews, blog posts, videos, articles, music and pretty much everything that's online, and consume the social stream the way you want to. To connect with Cliqset, visit us at http://www.cliqset.com/.

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