DETROIT, MI--(Marketwire - February 4, 2010) - An increasing number of industrial plant owners are bypassing the purchase of the new high efficiency industrial motors by installing power factor correction capacitors on their existing standard efficiency industrial motors.

With the cost of energy rising and budget crunches, plant owners can purchase a capacitor for as little as $170.00 to install on an average 20 hp motor, as opposed to $1500 for a new high efficiency industrial motor. An added benefit is plant down time is eliminated along with further costs of installation.

In a recent interview on WVSN Industry Visions radio, Donna Zobel, president and CEO of Myron Zucker Co, manufacturers of power factor correction capacitors, commented, "US manufacturers realize the importance of energy efficiency and reducing electrical consumption. In addition with government cap and trade around the corner, they know more than ever the immediate reality of efforts they will need for long-term sustainability and profit.

Donna Zobel, winner of the National business women's Rain Maker award, spoke recently in Washington, DC to the department of energy and commerce about the challenges American Manufacturers are facing.

Myron Zucker Co have been manufacturers of power factor correction capacitors since 1954.

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