SCHAUMBURG, IL--(Marketwire - February 4, 2010) - Omron Electronic Components LLC has announced further expansion of their Application Oriented Sales (AOS) team to include the Medical industry. The original scope of the AOS team was to focus on supporting four strategic markets: Hand Held, Video over Fiber, Automated Test Equipment (ATE), and Home Appliance. Within six months of its inception, the team realized a number of successes in the aforementioned areas and announced the addition of a fifth focus market: Transportation. The proven synergy between the expertises of Omron's Senior Sales Engineers and their core technologies has continued to manifest in measureable growth among their key markets, even amidst tremendously challenging economic and market conditions. With this positive momentum, Omron is again expanding their AOS efforts into a sixth industry: Medical.

The primary focus for the "Medical team" will be among Respiratory and Vital Sign Monitor companies. Omron's goal is to service this significant, and still growing, market with their broad line of Flow Sensors and their NIBP module products. The MEMS based flow sensor portfolio offers many options for such medical applications and ranks among the top of the industry in terms of quality, performance, accuracy, and repeatability. Omron's mass flow chip is extremely sensitive -- enough to be able to detect the air displaced by the flutter of a butterfly's wing. It is packaged with temperature compensation and amplification circuitry into several models to accommodate a wide range of applications. The Omron M3600 is a self-contained Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) module that combines the hardware and software necessary to perform complete blood pressure measurements from adults, children or neonatals utilizing the non-invasive oscillometric method. The M3600 also includes their proprietary Smart Inflation™ and Dynamic Linear Deflation for added comfort and speed. Omron's AOS team will support their Medical customers with these and many more technologies to produce successful designs, provide a streamlined process, and realize growth and strengthening of the marketplace just as they have with the other focus markets.

"With the addition of the Medical AOS Team, we are now positioned to address a key market in essentially a recession proof industry. With the technology & reliability advantages of our MEMS based Flow sensor and the support on our NIBP module from our sister division, Omron Healthcare Inc, we feel poised to impact and improve this key market," commented Jeff Rogers, Manager of Global and Application Oriented Sales.

Omron will continue to expand its AOS team efforts in to industries in which it may bring the most benefit to the marketplace. To learn more of Omron's Medical focus, you can visit their website by clicking here; or gain additional information on the Application Oriented Sales team and the other industries served by calling Omron at 847-882-2288 or emailing:

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