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News Highlights:

-- Axxana's first product, the Phoenix System RP, took home the Silver Award in Storage's prestigious "2009 Products of the Year", in the Backup and Disaster Recovery Hardware category.

-- This annual awards program is presented by the editors of TechTarget's Storage Media Group. Winners were judged by the Storage editorial staff, in conjunction with a team of users, industry experts, analysts, and consultants.

-- Axxana's disaster-recovery system was selected based on the following criteria: innovation, performance, ease of integration into existing environments, ease of use and manageability, functionality, and value.

-- According to the judges, Axxana's product is one that can "help smaller enterprises get their hands on the technologies that can deliver short recovery time objectives (RTOs) and more aggressive recovery point objectives (RPOs)." Previously, this was only available to "enterprises with the means and infrastructure to afford them."

-- The Phoenix System RP is Axxana's first product based on the company's Enterprise Data Recording (EDR) technology, which utilizes a "black box" disaster-proof data recorder to enable 100% data recovery with zero data loss (RPO=0), over any distance, for significantly less than the cost of traditional data mirroring alternatives. The Phoenix System RP complements the asynchronous replication solution offered by EMC's RecoverPoint.

-- The Axxana Phoenix System RP is available now through EMC Select, a program which helps customers easily acquire components that comprise an information infrastructure.

Supporting Quotes:

-- TechTarget Judge:

"I would hate to have to rely on cell infrastructure to move too much cached data in a DR event," one of our judges said. "Still, there is no magic solution to this problem and this is the most interesting idea as a solution."

-- Eli Efrat, CEO, Axxana:

"It's a significant honor to have our first product recognized as a silver medalist by TechTarget's Storage Media Group and its panel of judges. This award is yet another validation of Axxana's Enterprise Data Recording technology, and our innovative approach to disaster recovery."

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