PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - February 8, 2010) - Infusionsoft today announced the availability of Email Marketing 2.0, ushering in a new era in small business growth with email marketing that dynamically and automatically adapts and responds to customer behavior in order to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Infusionsoft is the first company to combine CRM with email marketing in a single system for a simple, automated and powerful next-generation solution that enables small businesses to target their marketing like never before. Email Marketing 2.0 is supported by new features in Infusionsoft's flagship product, a free trial for new users, as well as an array of educational resources to help customers get started with their first Email Marketing 2.0 campaign.

Traditional email marketing systems rely on one-off and broadcast emails that are not aware of customer and prospect behavior, and are not able to respond and change based on important information like sales transactions and customer feedback. Infusionsoft Email Marketing 2.0 takes a customer-centric approach by combining email marketing with a powerful customer database (CRM) that tracks interest, behaviors and e-commerce data in a single system. This allows Infusionsoft users to automatically send timely and relevant marketing communications that match their customer and prospect needs -- around the clock, responding intelligently and in real-time, creating new opportunities to increase sales. Infusionsoft Email Marketing 2.0 also eliminates the irrelevant and distracting email communications that drive customers away.

Email Marketing 2.0 also differs from email marketing "1.0" in that customers can send more than just email communications. Letters, faxes, voice messages, post cards and even text messages can easily be incorporated into the smart, automated communications strategy of an Email Marketing 2.0 customer.

"Email Marketing 2.0 from Infusionsoft is a significant development for small business," said analyst Brent Leary of CRM Essentials. "Other vendors are building email marketing into their customer database products, but this one makes it based on customer actions. It should help get prospects into the sales pipeline quicker -- and anything that eases that process, particularly for the small business market, can make a big impact. It also simplifies email marketing, which a lot of small businesses find too complex and time-consuming to do properly."

"I have been waiting for a solution that would allow me to incorporate behavior-based email marketing into my strategy, but there hasn't been a way to do it easily with a small staff. Infusionsoft Email Marketing 2.0 gives me a way to dramatically increase sales by holding my audience's attention longer and providing more targeted messages than ever before," said Jennifer Bourn, art director and marketing manager at Bourn Creative, a branding, design and marketing firm in Sacramento, Calif.

"Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and accessible tools available for small businesses to reach their target audience. But it must be done in a way that pleases customers and prospects. There has been no system to do that -- until now," said Infusionsoft CEO and co-founder, Clate Mask. "Email Marketing 2.0 is the next-generation of email marketing. It's smart, responsive, dynamic and adaptive. And that means real growth for the small business owner."

He added, "While email marketing 1.0 is un-intelligent, manual and, well, email-only, Email Marketing 2.0 on the other hand is smart, automated and 'email-plus' communication. It's a shame that email marketing has been stuck at a 1.0 level when all other services and technologies have advanced. That changes today."

Infusionsoft is offering small businesses a free trial to launch their first Email Marketing 2.0 campaign. The risk-free trial is a three-step process that can be completed in a single day, immediately demonstrating the value of Email Marketing 2.0:

-- Import existing email lists
-- Design Email Marketing 2.0 campaign with built-in response triggers
   and hit "go"
-- See results: increased customer engagement, sales, converted
   prospects, etc.

Email Marketing 2.0 from Infusionsoft is tailored for small businesses that don't necessarily have an IT department or a large sales and marketing staff to get started or keep it running. It's chock full of examples and templates and is designed to be customized to your brand. Recent product updates introduced an email-authoring feature that instantly matches email themes to a company's logo.

Because it's provided on-demand, there is no software to maintain and no headaches about maintenance or computer infrastructure for small businesses. All that is needed to start growing a business is an Internet connection and a browser. Subscriptions to Infusionsoft include free seasonal product updates, which have recently included improvements to ease of use, data import, email authoring, as well as advanced email marketing features.

Infusionsoft will be offering ongoing education on Email Marketing 2.0 in the form of videos, blog posts, Webinars and in-application tips and tricks.

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