SCHAUMBURG, IL--(Marketwire - February 8, 2010) - United Marketing Group (UMG), a direct marketing company, today announced that it is implementing a Customer Experience Monitoring program for its Partner clients.

Customer Experience Monitoring is a proprietary program developed by DataCo Solutions, LLC. DataCo Solutions, LLC is an analytics based marketing and business solutions provider headquartered in Arlington Heights, IL.

Customer Experience Monitoring (CEM) will assess and measure UMG's client's Partner's customer's attitudes and sales performance related to their program. By combining this information with DataCo's proprietary Loyalty Index™, a determination can be made of the customer's attitudes and sales performance related to loyal, non-loyal or neutral behavior. The entire CEM program enables United Marketing Group to measure attitudes, performance and customer loyalty on an ongoing basis, increase the speed of identification and management of the customer experience and ensure satisfaction.

In addition to loyalty and satisfaction, Customer Experience Monitoring allows UMG's client Partners' to increase their knowledge and understanding of their customers. The Customer Experience Monitor can also measure customer service issues. By passing customer service calls to the monitor, UMG can also determine if any of the programs are creating differences in customer service satisfaction.

The output of the monitoring is a series of loyalty, sales and call metrics on an ongoing, time series basis. The monitoring allows UMG to flag and act upon deviations in customer service, sales and attitudinal metrics.

"This program allows UMG to ensure that our Partner's customer's experience, attitudinal and sales performance, is understood, measured, monitored and ultimately managed," said Alan Portelli, CEO and President of United Marketing Group. "Using the Customer Experience Monitor program allows us to proactively demonstrate to our Partners clients that their customers are positively impacted and not adversely affected by any of our programs. Of course in the rare case where we do find a negative issue, now we are aware of it very early and can manage it specifically to satisfaction."


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