SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - February 9, 2010) - MuleSoft, the Web Middleware Company, today announced Cloudcat, the industry's first cloud service offering of Apache Tomcat. Cloudcat is a fully-supported virtual image that allows developers and QA to build and test today's connected Web applications easily in the cloud. IT operations can expand the capacity of their data center on demand by using Cloudcat during peak demand times or as a cheaper alternative to hosting Tomcat on a physical internal server. Cloudcat is immediately available as a cloud service on Amazon Web Services and GoGrid.

With over 70% penetration in the enterprise datacenter, the open source Apache Tomcat has grown to become the world's most widely used web application server due to its lightweight simplicity. While many organizations are turning to cloud platforms as a way to expand their data center capacity, there are currently no supported virtual images of Tomcat available in the cloud for use by IT organizations. Until now, using Apache Tomcat in the cloud required manual installation and configuration of Tomcat, in addition to installation of other required software.

"Apache Tomcat is ideal for use in a cloud environment as it does not require the complex infrastructure often needed by legacy Java EE application servers," said Jason Brittain, lead architect at Mulesoft, and co-author of "Tomcat: The Definitive Guide." "However, until now there has been no easy way to use Tomcat in the cloud without doing a lot of manual work related to installation and configuration. By using a preconfigured Apache Tomcat image like Cloudcat, developers and operations professionals can deploy and test their web applications in the cloud rapidly and without the capital investment of buying and housing a physical server. We designed Cloudcat to give users the ability to focus on testing and deploying their applications rather than spending time on infrastructure setup and support."

Features and benefits of Cloudcat include:

For developers and QA:

-- Simple and painless provisioning of Cloudcat for developing and testing Tomcat applications

-- Familiar deployment model -- deploy applications to Cloudcat just as you would to a local Tomcat server

-- In-depth diagnostics of Cloudcat runtime from MuleSoft Tcat Server console

-- Integration with Apache Maven for continuous integration between dev and test

-- Integration with Tcat Server REST APIs for management and control

For Tomcat administrators:

-- Enterprise support -- rapid problem resolution and troubleshooting for mission-critical applications

-- On-demand runtime capacity for Tomcat applications

-- Detailed diagnostics of Cloudcat runtime from Tcat Server console

-- Configuration consistency between Cloudcat and local Tomcat servers

-- Remote restart capabilities

Availability and pricing

Cloudcat includes Apache Tomcat with MySQL on Linux and is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit images. Cloudcat is currently available as a cloud service on both GoGrid and Amazon Web Services.

Pricing models for each service are as follows:

Cloudcat Amazon Edition -- starting at 30 cents per hour (including EC2 infrastructure fees); Canonical Ubuntu Linux build with MuleSoft support

Cloudcat GoGrid Edition -- starting at $29 per month; RHEL Linux build with GoGrid and MuleSoft support

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