LEXINGTON, MA--(Marketwire - February 9, 2010) - Tillotson Corporation announced today that it has assigned all of its rights, title and interest in European Patent No. 0456333 to Ansell Limited, including the right to sue infringers not previously licensed by Tillotson, for damages for past infringement. The assignment provides, however, that Tillotson Corporation retains all rights to its existing license agreements concerning European Patent No. 0456333, including but not limited to all rights to revenues, damages, attorneys' fees or recovery of any kind related to its existing license agreements. Tillotson continues to be the sole owner of US Patent No. Re-35,616, for which Ansell also continues to be a non-exclusive licensee. Both patents describe a comfortable synthetic nitrile latex disposable glove that relaxes to conform to the hand soon after being donned. This invention was developed by Tillotson Corporation founder Neil Tillotson and by Luc Debecker, a chemist working for the Best Glove division of Tillotson.

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