SAN BRUNO, CA--(Marketwire - February 10, 2010) - Devicescape, the leader in Easy WiFi, unveiled results from its fourth quarter 2009 WiFi Report today, revealing new details relating to WiFi preferences and trends from nearly 3,000 survey respondents around the world. Conducted by Decipher, Inc. and sponsored by Devicescape and FON, the survey queried a cross-section of Devicescape's members, a group that includes a variety of professionals and students.

Key findings from the Q4 2009 "Devicescape WiFi Report" showed:

--  A majority of users (68 percent) will view advertisements in exchange
    for free WiFi. Still, 16 percent of respondents said they would rather
    pay for no ads.

--  Sixty-three percent of respondents would like to receive coupons from
    nearby Easy WiFi venues for product discounts.

--  If a condition is to view an advertisement for free WiFi access at a
    café or any other Easy WiFi Network venue, the majority of respondents
    (81 percent) are willing to view the sponsored advertisements.

--  Easy WiFi users want to participate in the Easy WiFi community by
    reading (70 percent) and contributing (69 percent) content to the Easy
    WiFi Network.

--  A majority (67 percent) of respondents still will not pay for WiFi.
    Twenty-five percent stated they would pay up to $3.

Positive attitudes toward advertising-sponsored WiFi hotspots

With the importance and demand for WiFi already established in prior quarters' reports, the most recent survey aimed to uncover compelling new trends that will shape the face of WiFi over the next few years. The use of advertising emerged as an important trend to watch -- one that will likely help offset the cost of providing free WiFi to users. In general, attitudes toward the ads were encouraging, as a majority of survey respondents indicated they would watch advertisements in exchange for free WiFi service.

A majority of respondents (54 percent) indicated they would watch all advertisements in exchange for access to the Easy WiFi Network's entire global footprint, while a slightly smaller group (34 percent) opted for partial access in exchange for viewing fewer ads. Combined, this indicates a general opinion that the Easy WiFi Network is of great value to users.

In the same vein, vendor coupons also emerged as a trend embraced by survey respondents, in fact driving business to venues offering free WiFi service.

Consumers continue to demand free WiFi

The use of advertising-supported free WiFi hotspots showcases the continued resistance to paying for WiFi. In the Q1 2009 Devicescape WiFi Report, 53 percent of respondents stated that free WiFi is a "must have," meaning they will not pay for a WiFi hotspot. In this quarter's report, a majority of users (67 percent) refuses to pay for WiFi service, even if it means having to sift through advertisements. But surprisingly, a small faction (25 percent) still exists of respondents willing to pay up to $3 an hour for WiFi.

People want interactive online exchanges of information

As showcased in the Q2 2009 Devicescape WiFi Report, the sense of community among WiFi users is on the rise. While previous reports showed that respondents would be willing to share their network with other Devicescape members -- presumably to perpetuate WiFi usage and ensure municipal hotspot availability -- this quarter's survey respondents took it a step further. Respondents revealed a general desire to participate in interactive online exchanges of information with other Easy WiFi users through reading and contributing content to the Easy WiFi Network. This information could be comments about the WiFi venue used and personal insights and observations. In fact, 70 percent of respondents would find this information useful.

"Since its inception, the 'Devicescape WiFi Report' has proved to be an invaluable tool in uncovering what's most important to WiFi users," said Dave Fraser, Devicescape CEO. "Armed with this information -- right from the source -- Devicescape can work to advance the state of WiFi, ensuring that users have the best WiFi experience possible."

Devicescape will continue to deliver information about WiFi usage and consumer behavior via the "Devicescape WiFi Report." Devicescape encourages the public to submit questions for future surveys by sending them to:

Devicescape WiFi Report Methodology

Decipher Inc. surveyed more than 8,000 WiFi users, representing a cross-section of Devicescape's overall membership. The survey questions were developed by Devicescape and FON -- a cross-section of industry WiFi leaders. Devicescape members include a wide array of working professionals from a variety industries as well as students in the United States and around the world.

With more than two million members, Devicescape is the leader in Easy WiFi. The company has worked with original equipment manufacturers and service providers since its inception. Devicescape's Easy WiFi enables anytime, anywhere, any network WiFi access.

About Decipher

A marketing research services provider, Decipher specializes in online survey programming, data collection, data processing/reporting and custom technology development. Utilizing Web-based applications, Decipher integrates state of the art technology with traditional research techniques. Decipher's survey tools and data reporting suite provide users with the ability to automate post field production, significantly increasing the accuracy and quality of research reporting.

About Devicescape

Devicescape is the leader in Easy WiFi. The company has worked with device manufacturers and service providers since its inception and has hundreds of design wins in the best WiFi products. Easy WiFi allows for the creation of superior products which are powerful, yet easy to use and compatible with a global network market.

Headquartered in San Bruno, California, the company is privately held and backed by leading venture capital companies including Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, August Capital, Enterprise Partners, and JAFCO. To learn more, please visit

About FON

FON started the free WiFi revolution in 2006 with the first Fonera WiFi router and the goal of free, ubiquitous WiFi for everyone. Today, FON has the most innovative WiFi router in the world, the Fonera 2.0n, the largest WiFi community in the world with more than 1 million hotspots and close to two million registered members, and a growing list of Telco partners who add FON functionality to their broadband routers. Google, eBay, British Telecom, Index Ventures, Coral Group and Sequoia Capital are investors in FON. To learn more, please visit

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