CINCINNATI, OH--(Marketwire - February 10, 2010) - Datalliance today announced that Weldon Parts, Inc., a leading distributor of heavy duty truck parts in Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Arkansas, and Missouri, has effectively partnered with Velvac, one of their key suppliers, to implement Datalliance Vendor Managed Inventory. Weldon has realized increased sales of Velvac products by 24% and has improved the efficiency of their order process by as much as 80% as a result of participating in Velvac's VMI program. The complete case study article can be viewed at

A long-time distributor of Velvac truck parts, Weldon manually monitored demand and placed replenishment orders for their 13 locations. Daryle Settles, Vice President, explained, "Our locations are spread out geographically. Since each retail location is unique based on how long they have been open, sales volumes, and the breadth of the product line they carry, we don't have consistent demand trends. Our central ordering function was responsible for several hundred Velvac SKUs, a situation which made for a rather complicated and time consuming process when you multiply this effort by 13 somewhat unique locations."

Velvac introduced Weldon to their VMI program as a means to strengthen their relationship and help Weldon improve the efficiency and accuracy of their order process for Velvac parts. "The Velvac VMI system is a much more sophisticated process for us, yet it is also easy to use, implement and understand," described Settles. "Our weekly process to identify demand for all our locations has been greatly simplified; our time has been reduced by as much as 80%. We rely on VMI to analyze actual sales data and then recommend appropriate replenishment orders to meet the objectives of each location. We'll look at exception items or special situations, but we leave the order details up to VMI."

VMI has not only helped Weldon improve the overall efficiency of their order process, but they have also increased sales of Velvac products. Settles explained, "Over a one year period on Vendor Managed Inventory, sales of Velvac products increased 24% and our customer service remained very high at 99%. We have the products our customers need so they trust us and reward us with more business."

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