MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - February 12, 2010) -  Primary Global Research (PGR), a major provider of fundamental research data to buy-side financial institutions, announced today that it opened an office in New York City as part of an overall expansion of the firm and its services.

In concert with the opening of its New York office, PGR also added seven new professionals to its operations, initiated coverage in three new industry sectors and introduced ExpertPulse, a new and novel information portal that connects clients with PGR's industry leading expert network in a Web 2.0-like environment.

PGR's New York office is located in midtown Manhattan at 424 Madison Avenue. The new location puts PGR closer to many of its current clients and provides greater access to the New York-based financial community. In place at the new suite of offices are seven new employees, four of whom are tasked with managing current and new accounts and conducting institutional sales activities.

"We've been very busy developing and expanding the firm's capabilities and technology to better serve PGR's buy-side clients," Unni Narayanan, PhD, President and Chief Executive Officer, said. "And now, we want to let the rest of the world know about the progress we're making in a very deliberate strategy to innovate to meet our clients' needs and provide even greater value and efficiency."

New sectors added
In addition to the new office, PGR added three new in-house analysts, which PGR calls Vertical Managers or VMs. Each of the new analysts covers a specific sector or sectors. Evan Reich, formerly head of the Financial Services Group at Vista Research, is Vertical Manager for PGR's new Financial Services and Real Estate sectors. Lloyd Walmsley, formerly with Thomas Weisel, is Vertical Manager for the new Media & Internet sector; and Bryan Ciambella, a former independent analyst, will head PGR's reorganized Energy & Industrials and Retail sectors.

The New York office will also be home to PGR's industry-leading Cleantech industry coverage. The sector will continue to be headed by Vertical Manager Ishita Manjrekar.

As before, PGR VMs are responsible for managing and maintaining the firm's award-winning Expert Network within in their respective areas of expertise. In this role, PGR's VMs closely manage the disposition of client information requests, matching clients with exactly the right experts. PGR's VMs also oversee and manage their respective networks by qualifying and adding new experts and by advising clients of new developments and emerging trends through dedicated, proprietary information channels.

This "push" research model was originated by PGR and distinguishes the company as actively engaged in the development and dissemination of high-value information and not just a client-expert matching service. PGR's push-based information services continued to grow and evolve driven by client demand for specific information intelligently disseminated to address individual client interests.

"We felt we could offer a new level of quality and impact with our specialized model," said Ward Carey, PGR Senior Partner in charge of Recruitment Operations & Business Development. "We think we've found just the right people to lead these sectors both in delivering a very high level of client service and maintaining the network's overall quality." 

ExpertPulse: a novel Web 2.0-based information channel
PGR also recently rolled out its newest proprietary digital information channel called ExpertPulse, a new-generation, real-time information system that leverages the power of online communities to reach institutional investors.

Within ExpertPulse, experts "push" information in real time to specific clients. By the same token, clients have the opportunity to engage a diverse, highly qualified community of experts in an environment optimized to promote innovation.

ExpertPulse is a truly interactive digital community where institutional investors and experts can jointly work on investment ideas. Access is carefully controlled with the intent of empowering people to undertake and accomplish real work that will develop and verify investment theses and provide a specialized research strategy to drive results.

"PGR's ExpertPulse is a first-of-its-kind application," Dr. Narayanan said. "The idea was directly influenced and designed by clients and experts. We worked quite a bit with buy-side professionals and experts to assure that ExpertPulse provided the necessary access, capability and transparency. The response has been outstanding."

PGR developed the technology that powers ExpertPulse, which enables the systematic production of packets of data in a manner that is both user-friendly and rich. Additionally, Expert Pulse will give clients the ability to directly contact experts as well.

About PGR
Primary Global Research, LLC (PGR) is a leading independent investment research firm providing institutional money managers and analysts with market intelligence through a global network of industry experts. Ranked first in technology-sector research by Integrity Research Associates, an independent firm that ranks the performance of sell-side research firms, PGR helps investment professionals by providing rapid access to strategic, actionable data in eight key industry sectors: Technology, Healthcare, Financial Services, Media & Internet, Real Estate, Alternative Energy/Cleantech, Energy & Industrials and Retail. Additional information is available at

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